The Best Lobster Roll in Cape Cod

Lobster & Clam Bar

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is home to an array of food lovers from around the world and has become a genuine cultural and culinary destination—especially when it comes to their world-renowned lobster rolls. For owners staying at The Breakers Resort or The Soundings Seaside Resort, this traditional delicacy will be well worth your time. The fresh, mouthwatering lobster, soaked in butter and piled high onto a warm bun, will not only leave you wanting more, but will also elevate your Cape Cod retreat to the peak of perfection.

History of the Lobster Roll

Since the 1930s, the lobster roll has been tantalizing appetites across the Northeast. And while Cape Cod residents are considered to be among the original lobster roll aficionados, this shack menu staple has become an incredibly trendy food item around the world. For those who haven’t yet experienced the delectability of the lobster roll, now is your chance to discover the tastiest, heftiest, just-out-of-the-ocean freshest takes on the traditional sandwich.

Sesuit Harbor Café DishThe Best of the Best

Considering the Cape Cod area is part of the undisputed epicenter of the lobster roll, being #1 carries no small bit of prestige. Luckily three of the very best locations happen to be situated close to other worthwhile Cape Cod attractions that might already be in your plans. These establishments have garnered national attention by providing the perfect selections and treatment of ingredients, and above all, a wicked tasty lobster roll.

Sesuit Harbor Café
357 Sesuit Neck Road, Dennis, MA
P: 508-385-6134

Looking to enjoy some time around the Cape Cod Bay? Whether you prefer biking, kayaking or relaxing by the bay, Sesuit Harbor Café is a great place to take a break during a busy day. Family owned and operated, Sesuit Harbor Café has been in business for over 13 seasons. This hidden gem is located in Northside Marina and overlooks Sesuit Harbor and the beautiful Cape Cod Bay. The lobster meat’s superior quality and flavor is undeniable and you can dine outdoors right on the beach.

Seafood DishThe Raw Bar
252 Shore Drive, Mashpee, MA
P: 508-539-4858

Whether you are visiting the Cape Cod Children’s Museum or simply taking in the sights, take some time to stop by the Raw Bar to enjoy some freshly caught lobster. Surrounded by a cluster of vintage, local shops, The Raw Bar is one big heaping dose of deliciousness. Their lobster roll is unparalleled when it comes to size and mouthwatering delight and has been the ideal feast for many Northeastern folk for decades.

Arnold’s Restaurant & Clam Bar
3850 Route 6, Eastham, MA
P: 508-255-2575

Cape Cod LobsterIf you are visiting the Nickerson State Park or fishing in the North Eastham area, stop by Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar for an added treat. Considered a favorite Cape Cod destination by many, Arnold’s boasts some of the freshest lobster on the market. Their exemplary lobster roll is made to perfection with chunks of tender, sweet lobster meat bathed in warm butter and stuffed into a split-top bun. Surrounded by a riot of colorful flowers, this hot spot is hard to miss.

As the lobster roll climbs in popularity, more and more people around the world are able to enjoy this national culinary fascination. But nothing quite beats the superior freshness, quality and taste that you will get with a genuine Cape Cod lobster. Not to mention, the breathtaking scenery and authentic Cape Cod flair will create the perfect culinary experience. For an added treat, you can coordinate your lobster roll feast with a beautiful New England sunset and wash it down with an ice-cold beverage. Culinary heaven awaits you!