The Best Atlantic City Buffets

Atlantic City is known around the world for its oceanfront skyline and big-name casinos. But a favorite pastime—eating!—can also be indulged at Atlantic City buffets. Visiting great buffets like these would be among the highlights of any vacation.

The Borgata: The Best Atlantic City Buffet

The Borgata Buffet consistently takes top honors in unofficial polls, online reviews and with critics. The Borgata is known for its entrees, and meat lovers should note that this buffet may be the only place they will find baby lamb chops. Other entrees include grilled sirloin; fried shrimp; a very tasty prime rib; mac and cheese; and salmon.

Salads are also fresh and varied here, from crisp greens to Asian chicken and cold pasta salad. One critic claims The Borgata’s buffet also has the best bread of any buffet in the city, citing “sourdough triangles” and “caraway-dotted” rolls as favorites. Another plus: petite-sized desserts, to offset any second helpings you didn’t mean to get.

Prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner were about $15, $18 and $29, as of this writing; The Borgata is one of the more expensive buffets, but is reliably good. Unlike other buffets, there are not a lot of tour buses stopping here. The setting is pretty, the staff courteous and efficient. If you’re going to “go for it” with a buffet visit, The Borgata is a surefire winner.Waterfront Buffet Vegas

The Waterfront Buffet

A close second is The Waterfront Buffet at Harrah’s Atlantic City. The Waterfront has done away with the “cozy” feel and fish-tank décor which formerly defined the space. Now an impressive, high-ceilinged room makes a big impression. Expect to wait for a table.

Entrees with a decidedly Pacific Rim influence dominate the buffet, and no competitor offers as many choices. You’ll find yourself choosing (or piling on) crab legs, sushi, dim sum, Rodizio, Mongolian barbecue, and made-to-order pasta. Even at nearly $30 per person, patrons get their money’s worth, and more, at The Waterfront. The ice cream also gets rave reviews.

Sultan’s Feast Buffet

“The Donald” offers up one of the top five buffets in Atlantic City at Trump’s Taj Mahal. Sultan’s Feast is a bonanza for beef lovers, with excellent steak, juicy prime rib, rotisserie chicken, turkey and hand-carved meats. The oceanfront view from this magic carpet ride is as spectacular as the protein selection, its walls awash in blue tiles. For whatever reason, there’s general agreement that the Taj’s buffet is better than that at Trump’s other  properties. It’s also, curiously, less expensive. Children under 6 even eat for free!

Sultan’s Feast tempts with international fare. A gourmet pizza station is a popular pit stop, as are the hand-carved meats. Juicy strip steaks are an option for those with “hungry-man” appetites. If you need to console yourself over a minor setback in the casino, the dessert station will surely do the trick.

French Quarter Buffet

The Showboat Resort’s French Quarter Buffet lands squarely in the top five Atlantic City buffets to visit during a vacation. It is a crowd favorite; expect a wait. But you’ll be rewarded with a huge variety of fresh salads, for starters, and Barbecue Turkey Wings. In true New Orleans style, every diner leaves with Mardi Gras beads around their neck  …  and a smile on their face. In a unique twist, all foods in this “buffet” are prepared fresh to order.

French Quarter BuffetNo breakfast buffet is served in the French Quarter, fitting for a place named after late-night partying. It’s probably not too realistic to think that you can hold to a diet while enjoying Atlantic City buffets during a vacation to the area, but La Piazza at Caesars Casino gives you a good shot, with the best salad bar in town. It includes delectables like mozzarella and tomatoes, mixed seafood, pasta primavera with sundried tomatoes, and great deli salads. The carving station is nice, too, and guests tend to rave about the mussels.

More Atlantic City Buffets

Other buffets await you as well. The Hilton’s Cornucopia Buffet wows with its seafood, and only offers a summer special of $10 per person. Trump Marina’s Bayside Buffet wins points with its sumptuous breakfast buffet. Friday-Sunday, a seafood buffet lures diners in for crab legs and more. Blink and you’ll miss The Sidewalk Café at Bally’s, a buffet-style eatery offering made-to-order omelet’s for breakfast. Your wallet won’t even notice you’ve been there. Resorts Atlantic City has its own buffet named—appropriately—The Buffet. You’ll find it on the fifth floor. The Fiesta Buffet at the Tropicana is not entirely memorable but makes for a pleasant dining experience. Trump Plaza’s Broadway Buffet lies below the casino floor, and has an ever-changing menu.

Bon appetit, high rollers.