Benefits of Owning a Daytona Beach Timeshare

Benefits of Daytona Beach Timeshare

If you think competition in the Daytona 500 is fierce and cutthroat, then you haven’t tried booking a motel room in Daytona Beach in February or March. Sure, jockeying two abreast with 42 other cars on 31-degree banking might be the more dangerous activity. But your odds of prevailing are better there than going head-to-head against 1 million other February visitors for a limited number of rooms—not to mention five times that many in March. Reserving Daytona Beach timeshare in February or March reveals both good fortune and good foresight.

Let’s look more closely at the events that make Daytona Beach such a popular destination in February and March:

MainStreet Live Original Music and Art Festival

It all begins with the MainStreet Live Original Music and Art Festival. This one-day extravaganza is relatively new—it debuted in 2013—but in a short time its become a true start of the party that engulfs Daytona Beach for six weeks.

Musical acts of all genres play afternoon and evening at pubs and outdoor stages up and down Main Street from Atlantic Avenue to Peninsula Avenue. The 2016 event—12 hours long, beginning mid-afternoon—featured more than 120 acts playing on 19 different venues. Most of the performers were from Florida, but their music is far more diverse than their source: Rock, jazz, blues, pop, acoustic, metal, hip hop, reggae, folk, Christian, punk, goth, fusion, elecro-funk, Southern rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, cosmic funk rock, 1960s garage rock, even something called “indie alternative melodic librarian rock.”

Daytona-SpeedwayDaytona Speedweeks/Daytona 500

The Daytona 500, one of the most famous, prestigious and storied auto races in the world, actually is the culmination of a Daytona Speedweeks—10 days of practices, qualifying and racing (not to mention nonstop partying) at Daytona International Speedway. The activities (on the track) launch the annual seasons for every NASCAR racing series, car and truck, and also for ARCA, a series for younger professional drivers and top amateurs. Track tours are available during Speedweeks, too.

From the first practices for the ARCA stocks to the checkered flag ending the Daytona 500, there’s no longer period of sustained motorsports-related excitement than Daytona Speedweeks. And now it’s all on display at a renovated, some say re-imagined, speedway.

Thanks to a $400 million project called Daytona Rising, fans can enjoy the race and related events in far more comfort than ever before. The updated venue—more stadium than racetrack—features 101,000 comfortable, permanent seats, all along the front stretch. The finished product provides revolutionary access from entry to seating, not to mention large social gathering and amenity areas called neighborhoods, plus many more concessions and restrooms.

Daytona-Beach-Bike-WeekBike Week

Amazingly, the two-wheel activities every March draw even more visitors to Daytona Beach than the four-wheel activities the month before. Bike Week is one of the two biggest annual rallies in the United States for motorcycle enthusiasts, drawing a half-million riders and bike lovers from all over.

Visitors enjoy dozens of events at dozens of venues, from trade shows and demonstrations, to museum exhibits and swap shops, to music and contests, all themed to cater to bikers. There’s great food, drink and camaraderie—not to mention chances to win new motorcycles and other prizes in drawings. And of course, there are the competitions based at Daytona International Speedway—the Daytona Supercross, the Daytona Flat Track, and the single event that spawned this entire massive celebration, the Daytona 200, a tradition since 1937.

Daytona Beach is one of the most bustling vacation venues anywhere year-round, but in February and March, if you’re a lover of music, motorsports or just pure Americana, it’s the place to be—If you can secure a place to stay. That’s why reserving Daytona Beach timeshare well in advance makes so much sense. Sure you might get lucky and find accommodations of some kind at the last minute, and if you get real lucky, they’ll be inside Volusia County, Florida. But nothing deflates stress and promotes peace of mind like planning and pursuing accommodations early—nothing’s better than beating the crowds. And most assuredly, there will be crowds.