Barton G. — South Beach Food with Flair

Barton G. — South Beach Food with Flair

On your next vacation to Miami, be sure to expose your palate to the culinary creations of Barton G. The Restaurant in South Beach. Presentation is paramount at this elegant eatery, which is consistently rated as one of the top Miami restaurants by locals, visitors and national media alike. Set on a residential block on the west side of South Beach, the restaurant pays homage to gourmet kitsch. Dining in a pleasant orchid garden space, your craving for inventive contemporary American cuisine will be satisfied at one of the best Miami restaurants in the area.

About the Barton G.

Barton G. Weiss, the restaurant’s owner, is one of Miami’s best-known, most over-the-top event planners. With his understanding that dining out was ultimately about more than just great food and service, Mr. Weiss sought to creative a true entertainment experience with food as the star of the show. In late 2002, Weiss extended his company’s brand—from Barton G. to Barton G. The Restaurant—and racked up $6.2 million in sales in the restaurant’s first year. In May 2003, Conde Nast Traveler named Barton G. The Restaurant one of the “75 Top New Restaurants from Boston to Beijing.” Embarking on this truly unique culinary experience at Barton G. still rates as one of the best things to do in Miami.

Choose from the intimate outdoor patio setting or the air-conditioned dining room inside. Your eyes will gravitate to the table when your food with flair is served. The wildly ingenious menu boasts classic American comfort food displayed with a twist.

Grilled Sea BassThe Imaginative Presentations Include:

  • Colorful signature cocktails made with liquid nitrogen
  • Popcorn shrimp in a popcorn box
  • Grilled sea bass in a brown paper bag with laundry clips to keep the steam in
  • Caesar salad complete with mini cheese-grater
  • Coconut shrimp served over dry ice that looks like witch’s brew
  • A line of drinks centered on baby chimps, such as the Freedom Chimp, which comes with a toy chimp and a sparkler
  • Macaroni and cheese served in a giant mousetrap, with a wedge of cheddar as the “bait”
  • Lobster pop tarts that come in an actual toaster
  • Cupcake picnic with sparklers, mini chocolate-dipped waffle cones, three different types of ice cream, three different frostings, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, cherries, and four cupcakes (2 mini, 2 huge).

Popcorn shrimp in a popcorn boxThe Look and Feel of Barton G.

Duck decoys, wooden chickens and miniature lounge chairs serve as fun garnishes and 125 vases of fresh orchids line the walls at Barton G. Guests rave about the exquisite taste of the food as much as they laud the relaxed atmosphere. All the flair you could hope for, with flavor to boot. Dining at Barton G’s is a trip, serving up one of the best Miami dining experiences available on your vacation.

Barton G., South Beach Restaurant
South Beach, Florida