Babymoon Vacations: Relax and Bond Before the Big Arrival

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With all of the preparations you’ll want to make before the arrival of your little one, time just seems to fly by in a whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, and lists of “things to do before the baby arrives.”

Add the task of maintaining both work and home routines, and the impending life changes once the baby comes, things can begin to seem a bit overwhelming. It may be the perfect time for you to reset and recharge with a relaxing babymoon vacation.






Get Into a Good Space Before the Baby

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Plenty of moms- and dads-to-be are opting for some alone time away from obligations to connect, dream, and clear their minds before the big arrival of their little bundle of joy. The babymoon is an idea that’s increasing in popularity as couples find that it’s the perfect way to spend the last of their time alone together. But how do you plan a safe, comfortable babymoon? Here are some things to consider.

  • Consider a drive-to destination.

You won’t need to worry about airline policies for expectant mothers, and you can make as many pit stops as you need along the way.

  • Opt for a stay in a resort villa.

These villas offer kitchen and living room spaces in addition to generous bedrooms, so you’ll have plenty of room for relaxation. Stock the kitchen with your favorite snacks and you won’t have to venture far for a quick bite.

  • Look for vacation specials to popular destinations.

Because these destinations are popular, there will be plenty of medical facilities, giving you peace of mind should you need care.

  • Plan your activities. Or not.

While adventurous couples you may want to get in a few attractions, set aside time for quiet relaxation or feel free to enjoy a completely unscheduled retreat.

  • Be sure to take plenty of photos.

Some couples choose a professional photo shoot, but with a little planning, you can create your own perfect shots.

A babymoon is your time to bond and concentrate on making sure you’re refreshed and ready for your little one’s arrival. Take long walks on the beach or relax by the pool. No matter how you choose to babymoon, take advantage of the time away and, for a little while, exchange your “must do” list for a “love to do” list.

Disney Couples Retreat

A perfect place to take a babymoon? Walt Disney World.® This couple’s package is just the thing. Four nights, Disney tickets and a stay at The Fountains, our fabulous Orlando resort. Give it a try.



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