App of the Week: Foodspotting

Foodspotting App

This free app dishes on good food and where to find it. To get started, set your location on the map. Next, you can search food photos (think bakery window) by categories to find the best dishes, the nearest dishes, the latest dishes, dishes your friends loved as well as dishes you want, those you’ve tried and the ones you love. You can also search by place to find a specific restaurant with Foodspotting.
Unlike typical dining reviews, you can see dishes that look good before you order by viewing photos posted by foodspotters, friends and foodies. See something you like or have already tasted? Tap the “Want to Try” (star) button or “Tried” (check) button. Join in the fun by posting pictures of the meals you’ve eaten. If the dish was really good, tap the “Loved” (heart) button and let everyone know you’d come back for seconds.

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