Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at These Outstanding Cupcake Shops

You don’t have to be on vacation to indulge in a little sugar rush, but it does offer an excellent excuse. When it comes to partaking in the sweet side of life, we’re totally on your side. And luckily for you, and the well being of all mankind, there are tons of amazing cupcake shops peppered throughout the United States. No matter where you go, you’re likely to run into one–or five–while you’re exploring the area.

Truth be told, we are living in the cupcake mania era—and because these little mini cake bundles of deliciousness are taking over the world, it’s upped the ante on the quality and variety of the modern cupcake. Today’s shops are getting bolder, more creative and delivering absolutely mouthwatering goods, resulting in all-out cupcake wars. With the impressive number of note-worthy cupcake creators, we’ve decided to research which ones are the best of the best.

The Top Cupcake Shops in the U.S.

You’ve asked, and we’re here to help you find answers! Here’s our list of the best cupcake shops for your next sugar fix, organized by destination. Get your taste buds ready!


Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Sugar Sweet Sunshine in NYWhat started as a dream between two friends, blossomed into the #1 cupcake place in NYC. Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, sugar Sweet sunshine is a dessert lover’s paradise. Choose from a range of flavors like Pistachio, Pumpkin, and Holla Back Girl (Banana cake with cream cheese icing), or stick to the classic vanilla with buttercream.

Founded by two dessert geniuses, Baked has grown from a simple neighborhood café to a nationally recognized bakery by the likes of Martha Stewart and the Food Network. The cupcakes are out of this world with unparalleled texture and taste—a serious treat for the palate. Varieties rotate daily, so be sure to check out their online menu before you head over to see what the day brings.

Kiss My Cake
These cupcakes are expertly crafted with incredible ingredients and filled with jams, caramels, creams and the like. Try the Swiss meringue buttercream–it’s light, creamy, fluffy and just plain wonderful. Or go for some of the more unique flavors like Lemon Basil, Blackberry Cheesecake and Coconut Chili.


Molly’s Cupcakes in ChicagoMolly’s Cupcakes
With accolades like “Winner of Cupcake Wars”, “USA Today’s 10 Best Cupcake Bakeries in the Country” and “Best Cupcakes by The Village Voice”, you’re expected to impress—and impress it does! Take a break from your day and go try their Ron Bennington cupcake. It’s chocolate cake, peanut butter-butterscotch filling, chocolate ganache frosting, and crushed butterscotch topping. Yes, please!

Swirlz Cupcakes
Each tasty morsel is baked from scratch daily and displays a double dollop of frosting—both aesthetically pleasing and absolutely tantalizing. Traditional flavors are served regularly, but we highly recommend the Raspberry Mango Passion fruit Smoothie cupcake consisting of vanilla cake, homemade mango filling, a white chocolate ganache layer, double swirl of passion fruit and raspberry buttercream! But if you’re feeling adventurous, try the pastry chef’s personal creation du jour!

Forever More Cupcakes
These tiny works of art are so beautiful; it’s almost too hard to eat them… almost! The problem is, the cupcakes taste as good as they look. With savory and sweet varieties rotating through the store, including seasonal specials, there’s a cupcake for everyone. We’ve got our eyes on the specialty cocktail assortments, More®’s sugary twist on happy hour classics!


Freed’s Bakery of Las Vegas
For 50 years, this three-generation, family-owned bakery has been serving up some delicious cupcake creations in Vegas. They have all the favorites, plus seasonal flavors that will leave your taste buds yearning for more. Our personal favorite is the Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcake.

The Cupcakery
The Cupcakery Cupcakes in Las VegasLas Vegas is a city that never sleeps, so getting a proper sugar fix is a necessity! This cupcake joint is continuously experimenting with new flavors and concepts, so you never know what you’re going to get! But one thing always remains the same—they are insanely delicious. Banana Cream, Mocha Mocha, Orange Julius… you name it, and they probably have it!


Bluebird Bakeshop
As far as sweets go, Orlando is a sugary haven that sets the bar quite high. But Bluebird Bakeshop doesn’t back down from the competition. In fact, it’s one of the sweet spots that set the bar so high in the first place. There are 8 everyday flavors and a new cupcake introduced daily with exotic flavors like vanilla black pepper, apricot ginger, chai and more.

Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly
Get your choice of 30 plus gourmet selections at this Orlando cupcakery! The talented bakery chef and owner, Hollis Wilder, was a winner of Food TV’s Cupcake Wars, which put her store on the map as the place to go for both traditional and unusual cupcakes.


Sweetness Bakeshop & Café
Since it opened in 2010, this family-owned bakery has accumulated quite a following. It’s been recognized by Food and Wine Magazine as having one of the Nation’s Best New Cupcakes, and Miami Times named it Miami’s Best Bakery. They even launched South Florida’s very first dessert truck to keep up with the high demand. If you want an authentic taste of South Florida, try the Guayabera cupcake, it’s synonymous with Miami. It’s guava cake filled with guava topped with cream cheese frosting.

Sweet Times
Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, real Belgian chocolate, pure extracts, and seasonal fruits come together to create these scrumptious cupcakes. Add in the silky ganaches and creamy Italian buttercreams and you’ve got yourself a tasty masterpiece. Try the campfire cupcake—vanilla cake, chocolate ganache, marshmallow and graham cracker toping.

Sugar Bakeshop Cupcake in CharlestonCHARLESTON

Cupcake Downsouth®
Tempt your taste buds with the crème de la crème of bakeries in Charleston! Cupcake Downsouth offers up to a dozen different flavors daily, and even provide gluten-free and vegan options on certain days. Many claim that this shop offers “the sweetest taste in Charleston” and after just one bite of their super cute creations, you won’t disagree.

Sugar Bakeshop
This adorable downtown bakery, run by two ex-New Yorkers, delivers sinfully sweet and crowd-pleasing creations to Charleston locals and visitors alike. Their caramel iced cupcakes will leave you smiling for weeks and the atmosphere and employees are just as sweet as their baked goods! Get ready for cupcake perfection and don’t be surprised when you show back up for more the next day.

Photo Credit: Gary Wong, vxla and Zen Cupcake via cc