Amazing Fall Activities to Enjoy with Kids

fall kids activities

Fall will soon be upon us. And that means many parts of the country will start experiencing cooler weather. The colors of the season will change, too. It’s Mother Nature’s invitation to enjoy an autumn filled with exciting activities all kids can look forward to.

Top 10 Fall Activities for Kids

Jump in a pile of leaves
During the fall, the countryside is ablaze with orange, red and yellow leaves in destinations like Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. Many of the leaves can be seen clinging to the branches of towering trees. Many can be seen strewn across the ground beneath the canopy of color. Make the most of those fallen leaves by gathering them up in a huge pile for the kids to jump in. This fun-filled activity doesn’t require any special equipment and can be enjoyed during a fall vacation.

Press leaves in a book
After a day of jumping in the leaves, it’s quite likely a few stray leaves will be found in a pant leg or stuffed in a coat pocket. Don’t just toss them out. Get “crafty” and press them between the pages of a big, thick book. The process is simple: place the leaf in the middle of two sheets of wax paper, place between two pages and then close the book. Check the leaves in a couple of weeks. When they’ve dried out, the leaves can be removed and framed for display.

Make a tree-bark rubbing
This easy-to-do creative project is perfect for youngest kids in your family. For supplies, they’ll need a few sheets of thin blank paper, crayons, and trees with lots of bumps, ridges and pits. Mom and dad can help by pressing and holding the paper against a tree. The kids will be responsible for rubbing a crayon over the paper until it shows the pattern of the bark.

fall-activities-apple-pickingVisit a cider mill
There’s nothing like the taste of fresh cider and piping hot donuts to make it feel like fall. Treat the kids to a day at the cider mill so they can see how the apples are pressed and smashed into the delightful drink. Many cider mills also offer pick-your-own apples. The best mills take visitors out into the orchards on a wagon pulled by a tractor.

Carve a pumpkin
Before you can carve a pumpkin, you have to pick one out of patch. Luckily, these big round orange gourds are plentiful in many parts of the United States. If they’re not commonly found in your area, don’t worry—truckloads will soon be shipped for your caving pleasure. As you can imagine, pumpkins have a lot of character even before they’re given a new appearance. And you can create just about any design. Special stencils and cutting tools are available for newbies. Those with experience and cut right in and go for something unique. The classic jack-o-lantern will have triangular eyes, a little nose and a big smile with teeth missing. Place a candle in the bottom and then light it up so your jack-o-lantern glows.

Roast pumpkin seeds
What do you do with all those seeds scooped out of that pumpkin you and the kids just carved? You make crunchy snacks, of course! Simply rinse the seeds with warm water, allow them to dry, and then place them on a cookie sheet with a dash of salt. Bake them (about 325 degrees) until the pumpkin seeds turn golden brown.

Visit a haunted house
When there’s a chill in the air and barren tree branches rub against each other, the atmosphere is perfectly suited for a walk through a haunted house. Many areas like Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans are well known for their spookiness. If you’re children are brave, it might be worth scaring up this hair-raising experience.

fall-activities-hand-artDesign a hand turkey
This simple little project is one of the most nostalgic fall activities for kids to take part in. To create an image of a holiday gobbler all they have to do is place their hand on a piece of white paper and trace the outline with a marker, crayon or pencil. The very recognizable shape can then be dressed with colors and decorations to create a truly artistic turkey.

Play a game of touch football
Forget the gridiron pros running patterns on TV. Play a friendly game of flag or touch football, parents vs. children. Tossing around the pigskin is a great way to get some exercise and score a touchdown with the kids. Head outdoors and pass, run and punt your way into a super football experience.

Build a fire and watch a movie
Snuggle up in front of a cozy fireplace and put in your favorite movie. This family-friendly activity is sure to warm your spirit and create memories that last well after the closing credits have rolled.

Photo Credits: Seth Lemmons, San Jose Library and David Lytle via cc