All Aboard the Best Riverboat Tours in the U.S.

All Aboard the Best Riverboat Tours in the U.S.

Experience the history, heritage and natural splendor of your travel destination with a voyage aboard a genuine Riverboat.

In the late 1800s, the Storyteller Mark Twain awakened an American passion for river towns, describing them as “pleasing to the eye and cheering to the spirit”. And more than a century later, the artistry and beauty of these towns continue to attract those seeking an authentic piece of Americana.

With comfort and convenience in tow, such unforgettable experiences can be yours during your floating escape aboard a riverboat. A journey that allows you to uncover the true culture and history of towns that once staked their livelihood on a river that is now the modern day stage for what once was; a masterful balance of the past and present.

These river tours, alive with character and local folklore, are the perfect complement to any vacation—and they’re great fun for every member of the family.

New Orleans Riverboat Tours

There was a time when New Orleans—a cultural landmark for the world’s greatest music, southern hospitality and good ole’ creole tradition—could only be reached by boat. Riverboats would cruise through the mighty Mississippi to and from New Orleans, bringing passengers and cargo to the city’s front door. And today, N’awlins visitors can still experience this colorful age with a journey that is as much a part of Southern lore and tradition as sugar and cotton plantations—a riverboat tour of the Big Easy.

Steamboat Natchez
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Take a stroll back in time on the last authentic Steamboat on the Mighty Mississippi River—the Steamboat Natchez. Savor the beautiful sights of New Orleans as you float effortlessly down the river. Enjoy delicious food, while the sounds of local jazz bands, as well as a steam-powered calliope, serenade you. Steamboat Natchez offers daytime cruises, as well as a dinner with jazz cruise that features talented local musicians.

The Creole Queen Riverboat Tour in New OrleansThe Creole Queen
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When it comes to seeing New Orleans, the Creole Queen offers the best seat in the house. Once you step aboard this paddlewheel-powered riverboat, you’ll be instantly transported to the 19th century. Decks adorned with authentically patterned wrought iron trims and interiors decorated with rich and luxurious furnishings, help settle you into the mood of a bygone era. Embark on a nighttime river cruise or a daytime tour featuring a visit to the Chalmette Battlefield.

Savannah Riverboat Tours

The Savannah River was an important transportation passageway from Revolutionary times until the advent of railroads. Today, it is a source of recreation, history, music and local tradition. Not to mention, it offers a fresh perspective of one of the most charming cities in America, and an opportunity to relive a historic era—an experience you can’t find anywhere else than onboard a riverboat tour. And lucky for visitors, there are two fantastic riverboats waiting to take you down a river that was once used by the founders of this beautiful city.

Savannah River Queen Riverboat in SavannahGeorgia Queen
PH: 800.786.6404
Hop aboard this triple-decker riverboat and transport back to a time when life moved slower and more serenely. Aside from offering some of the best views of Savannah, this tour will provide you with historic details of the city, including her port modern day and past. Enjoy dinner entertainment, Saturday luncheon and Sunday brunch cruises—all sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Savannah River Queen
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Get ready for a voyage you won’t forget aboard this authentic stern-wheel vessel. With intriguing tales and dramatic vistas, you’ll be swept away to a time when the river was a main source of transportation. With narrated sightseeing cruises, moonlight entertainment cruises and a wide variety of others, you’ll be able to choose the perfect riverboat tour to complement your vacation.

Branson Riverboat Tours

For over 100 years, paddle-wheelers and steamers have been an important part of Branson’s history, and now you can relive this truly unique voyage aboard a modern day replica similar to the grand riverboats that used to ply the White River in Branson, Missouri in the 19th century. Once a favored mode of transportation for the well to do, these riverboats now give you the opportunity to experience a completely unique side of Branson and the surrounding area. Experience appreciation in motion with two of the most fantastic riverboat excursions—one on Table Rock Lake and the other on Lake Taneycomo.

Showboat Branson Belle
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Showboat Branson BelleTake a break from the everyday and indulge yourself with a riverboat cruise on the magnificent Table Rock Lake. Aboard the Showboat Branson Belle, you’ll be introduced to a world of glamour and dazzling entertainment, reminiscent of the showboats of the 1800s. Experience a whole new adventure during your riverboat tour, where you’ll enjoy the spirit of those grand old showboatin’ days!

Lake Queen
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Stroll across the beautiful Lake Taneycomo aboard The Lake Queen—an old-fashioned double-decker paddle wheeler. Experience the sights, landscape, and wildlife of the Ozarks as you learn more about the facts and trivia of the historical and present day Branson waterfront. From moonlight cruises to historic sightseeing tours and holiday events, The Lake Queen is your ticket to a relaxing and enjoyable Branson experience.

Photo Credit: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar, Prayitno and Chris Gent via cc