6 Spooktacular Halloween Recipes for Kids

For kids, Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes, traipsing through the neighborhood and scoring loads of candy. But before the big night comes, you can brew some Halloween recipes you won’t have to trick your little goblins into gobbling up—or helping you make.

Ghost Pretzels

This recipe is so easy it’s scary—and you won’t believe how fast these eerie treats disappear.

20 pretzel rods
½ bag of white chocolate chips
1 small tube of squeezable dark chocolate frosting

Place the white chocolate chips in microwave safe bowl and heat at half power for one minute. Remove the bowl and stir the white chocolate. If the chips are still chunky, continue to heat at 10-second intervals until smooth. Next, dip the upper half of the pretzels into the gooey white chocolate and place the pretzels on wax paper to cool. When the chocolate hardens, squeeze on chocolate frosting eyes and a mouth to complete the ghost face.

Worms in Mud

Worms-in-mudWhip up a batch of edible creepy crawlers kids of all ages are sure to dig.

1 package of cookies (Chocolate crème sandwich or chocolate chip)
2 pouches of gummi worms (Use a combo or regular and sour flavors)

Crumble the cookies into a large bowl and throw in the gummi worms. It’s that simple. Use whatever style of cookie your little Halloween dessert helpers can dig up. All that matters is that the gummi worms appear to be slithering through mud or dirt.

Eyeball Soup

Serve up a bowl of this creepy soup and watch your kids’ eyes light up with astonishment.

2 14-ounce cans of fire-roasted tomatoes
2 cups of chicken stock
½ teaspoon of Italian seasoning
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh mozzarella balls
Green olives with pimentos

Pour the roasted tomatoes, chicken stock and seasoning in a sauce pan and heat on a stove top until the concoction begins to bubble. Remove from the heat, stir and then pour the contents into a blender, mixing until pureed. To make the eyeballs, use a melon baller to scoop out little orbs from the mozzarella. Next, remove a small portion of the cheese and push the olive (pimento facing up) into the hole of the mozzarella ball. Pour the soup into a bowl and drop in two eyeballs to garnish.

Witch Hat Cookies

You don’t need any magical spells to make this super easy Halloween treat that is sure to fly off the cookie tray.

1 package of Hershey Kisses
1 package of fudge covered cookies
1 container of decorative orange cake icing

Place all the cookies face down so the bottom side of the cookie is on top. Dab a dollop of orange icing in the middle of the cookie and stick an unwrapped Hershey Kiss in the center.

Slime Corn

Pop up a Halloween snack that will put a glow on the faces of all who try it.

1-2 packs of Microwavable popcorn
½ bag of white chocolate chips
Green food coloring

Melt the white chocolate chips in a double boiler on the stovetop and stir in green food coloring. Next, pop up the corn kernels in the microwave per the directions on the package and cover with the melted white chocolate. Throw everything into a large mixing bowl, cover with a plate and shake up the mixture. Serve in clear plastic cups.

Mummy Dogs

Wrap up a tasty treat using kid-approved ingredients with a twist.
1 can of refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
2 slices of pepper jack cheese
8 hotdogs
Sea salt
Cooking spray
1 jar of cheesy salsa

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Unroll dough, separate at perforated edges and cut into 10 long pieces. Slice cheese into quarters. Wrap one slice of cheese and then stretch five pieces of dough around each hotdog so that they look like bandages. Leave openings on the dog as you wrap—especially at the top to leave room for a face. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet, mist with cooking spray and sprinkle on sea salt. Bake until golden brown and thoroughly heated (approximately 15 minutes). Make eyes by dotting cheese on the dog and then dip into remaining salsa.

Always use adult supervision when baking and cooking Halloween goodies.