5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Travel Resolution

Another new year is just around the corner. And you’re probably thinking about making resolutions you have every intention of keeping. Why not resolve to take more vacations? You know, get out and see the world. Travel across the United States. Or maybe just enjoy a weekend excursion to a nearby city. So, how do you manage to stick to it? By breaking your New Year’s travel resolution, of course…into smaller pieces.

These five small steps can help you achieve your goal by planning ahead:

  1. Commit to a Travel Date
    There are many factors that come into play before you can actually go on vacation. For instance, can you take time off from work? Will the kids be out of school during a holiday break? Do your children have band, dance or hockey games they can’t miss? The hardest part is getting everyone’s schedules to coincide. When you do, save the date. It will make planning your vacation getaway a lot easier.
  2. Travel-LocationDecide on a Location
    Where do you want to go on vacation? Write down a few bucket list destinations on a sheet of paper. Think about what makes each location special. Then write down why you wanted to go there in the first place. Next, narrow your list to include the things you love to do—or keep only the activities you’ve never done before. Whatever makes the cut will help you decide where to go.
  3. Do Some Research
    If you like Orlando, some times are better than others to take a vacation. Many of the cities that built their reputations on fast-paced gaming and show excitement offer family-friendly activities. Where are the best off the beaten path experiences? What clothes should you pack? If traveling to one of the nation’s golf meccas like St. Augustine can you reserve a tee time ahead of time? The answers to these and many other questions can be found online in the travel tips sections of popular vacation websites.
  4. Travel-FundSet Up a Travel Fund
    Even if you’re a member of a premier vacation club and have a beautiful resort reserved, you will still need money to make the most of your vacation. Find a piggy bank and start filling it with loose change and bigger bills. Or open a savings account and be generous with your contributions. Then, when you’re ready to travel you’ll have gas money. And spending cash for food, souvenirs and attraction tickets.
  5. Make Up Your Own Itinerary
    Do you like long walks on the beach? Thrill rides? Exploring caves filled with natural wonders? Tempting culinary creations? Dancing with Lady Luck? Listening to echoes of historic battlefields? Shopping for the best bargain or coolest souvenir? Can’t decide? There’s no shortage of opinions from others on web sites and blogs with travel recommendations. Naturally, friends and family will be all too happy to chime in with a vote for their favorite activity. Listen to them and read up. But take it all with a grain of salt—because you should always plan on doing what appeals to you and your family the most.