Five Favorite Super-Relaxing Vacation Spots

We all have different vacation goals, because we all have different needs. And those needs vary from vacation to vacation.

If you’re at a point in your life where you’re locked in a humdrum routine — let’s say you get up, walk the dog, take the kids to school, go to your monotonous job, come home, walk the dog again, eat dinner, and park yourself in front of your TV or laptop — then you probably crave an active vacation.

But if your life runs a million miles an hour and you can’t slow down long enough to plug a charging cord into one of your three cell phones, you need to downshift. You need to find a place where you can disconnect and eject all the stimuli of stress in your life. You need to go where you can grab a dog-eared paperback and a reclining lounge, and just read and read, until your eyelids grow heavy, your arm drops to your side, and your book slips from your fingers …

But where? Where can you find real, honest-to-goodness relaxing vacation spots?

Here are 5 super places:

florida-keysThe Florida Keys

The Bahia Honda State Park beaches, at Mile Marker 37 just west of Seven-Mile Bridge, are truly relaxing vacation spots ideally suited for lazy-day, recreational reading.

Colusa Beach, on the bayside of the key, can work if you can tune out occasional children at play. Inset in a cove, the beach is protected from winds, which generally makes it the most attractive option for young parents. You might prefer the two options on the Atlantic Side—the magnificent Sandspur, and particularly Loggerhead, where you can drag a beach chair out onto its famous sandbar and cool your feet as you read.

Bluegreen’s resort The Hammocks at Marathon™ is only a short drive from there as well.


Theme parks and more theme parks is the name of the game in Orlando. Your complication here is your children, who have less appreciation for vacation balance than you and way more energy. They have no problem dragging you away from your book and to the next attraction.

Don’t resist. Orlando’s not the place. Just be more mindful to take utmost advantage of the time you do have alone. Even though overall you’ll be running around in Orlando more than during most “restful” vacations, you might be surprised at how much the happiness of your children will freshen your own outlook. It might not produce quite the same effect as a solid week of napping, but it’ll be close.

Bluegreen’s premier Orlando resort is The Fountains, which is not far from attractions and has many fun amenities.

myrtle-beachMyrtle Beach

If you really need peace, quiet and solitude, consider Myrtle Beach — really. Yes, this is the same Myrtle Beach that’s practically in a league with Orlando as a popular family vacation destination. And no doubt, the city has many visitors, especially in the summer.

But remember that Myrtle Beach offers so many other diversions and attractions—1,700 restaurants, more than 100 superb public golf tracks, who-knows-how-many mini-golf courses, and all that shopping on Broadway at the Beach. Not everyone will be trekking across the dunes in quest of sunny oceanfront reading the same time as you.

And so what if the beach is crowded? The Grand Strand is 60 miles long. You’ll find a spot. Whether you’re an empty nester or simply have a spouse willing to occupy the kids while you chill, Myrtle Beach is a super-relaxing vacation spot, just like the others on this list. So don’t wait for the movie. This vacation, go ahead and finish that book.

While at Myrtle Beach, you have many choices for Bluegreen resorts, so take a look at the list and schedule the one that works best for you.

Las Vegas

It’s generally true that people come to Las Vegas not to relax. Most people come here with energy (if not cash) to burn. If they don’t come for the casino, shows and nightlife, then they come for the surrounding outdoor desert adventures. Many come for both. And the truth is that Las Vegas has a way of making you feel guilty about any downtime. It’s a 24-hour city that tricks you into believing you’re missing something when you’re doing nothing.

Don’t fall for it. Most people come home from Las Vegas the happiest when they’ve enjoyed balance and discipline in their daily rhythms. Grab your book and head to the pool for at least a little while every day. Enjoy the relaxing warmth and a cool drink. Pace yourself. Once you’ve learned to totally relax in that setting, you know you’ve mastered mind over matter. Congratulations! You’re going to come home feeling rejuvenated spiritually no matter how tired you are physically.

While in Vegas, stay at Bluegreen Club 36™. You’ll experience resort-style living in the heart of Vegas.

smoky-mountainsGreat Smoky Mountains

Any back porch, patio, terrace or pool deck will do. Many people associate Tennessee destinations like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge with active-lifestyle vacations. It’s natural to think hiking, fishing, and rafting — and more hiking.

But the tranquility of the setting also makes it easy to get lost in good books, and even mediocre ones. You could devote hours to relaxed recreational reading interrupted only by occasional deer skipping by. There are worse interruptions.

Laurel Crest™ is located in Pigeon Forge, while nearby Gatlinburg is the home of MountainLoft™. Either way, you’ll experience the awesome, serene beauty of the Smokies.