12 Vacation Fitness Tips

12 Vacation Fitness Tips

Vacations are all about relaxing and recharging. But no matter how earnest your intent, you can’t relax if you labor simply walking around because you’re not as physically fit as you’d like to be. If you feel sluggish, you’re less inclined to take part in some even modestly strenuous vacation activities such as long beach walks, which in turn diminishes your ability to recharge.

The good news is that if you commit to putting in a little work in advance, you can increase your fitness in time for your vacation and not miss out on any of the great potential memories that await. Here are a dozen tips, better for you than a dozen donuts:

12 Fitness Tips to Keep You in Shape

1. State Your Goals

Whether you do this out loud, or write it down, an affirmative acknowledgement of your goals will give you a defined target to work toward.

2. Set Up an At-Home Gym

This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. A yoga mat and physioball are all you need to exercise in a small space. If you use Netflix or a similar service, download fitness videos to follow at home.

3. Learn Your Fitness Level

To make realistic predictions about your progress, you must first know where you stand. Once you know what you’re capable of, you will know how to safely address what needs improvement.

4. Begin a Journal

Fitness tipsKeep track of your progress and successes by writing it down. It will give you concrete proof that you are making improvements and moving forward toward your end goal.

5. Study

Study your routine and make sure you are performing all exercises correctly. This avoids injury and maximizes your workout to give better results. The better the results, the better the incentive to repeat.

6. Find Your Fitness Style

When it comes to workout routines and times, everyone prefers something different. Figure out what workout and what time works best for you.

7. Join a Fit-Friendly Community

Whether you do this through a fitness-centered website, such as movescount.com, or start a group on Facebook, joining a group of like-minded individuals will give you the encouragement and support you need.

8. Sign Up for a Competition

Whether it’s a 5K walk or triathlon that you decide to compete in, you will no longer have to complete everyday workouts. Instead, you will be training for the big race, which sounds a lot more fun.

9. Join a Class

A lot of people stay motivated and inspired within a social setting. A group class allows you to not only receive support from other members, but also become aware of other individual’s strides and successes, which will inspire you to keep it up.

10. Stay Entertained While You Exercise

Choose your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks to get you through the long runs, rides or workouts.

working out11. Be Flexible

By this we mean to be flexible in your routine. Allow yourself to take a few days off if you’re tired and try something new if a workout isn’t working for you. Sometimes, setting something in stone will cause it to crumble.

12. Acknowledge Your Success

Be proud of what you’ve done each step of the way. Reward yourself for improved times and overcoming plateaus. Remember, success is only sweet if you acknowledge its existence.

We wish you good luck in your endeavors, and hope these tips help you stay motivated to enjoy a more active and fulfilling vacation.