Have a Zip Line Adventure at Boyne Mountain

Boyne Mountain Zip Line Adventure

Soar over the ski slopes and sail through the trees on a zip line adventure at Boyne Mountain. Fly high above the treetops and traverse the majestic terrain. Zip lining through the outdoor landscape of beautiful Boyne Mountain has quickly become a favorite year-round activity for locals and visitors alike.

Zipline Adventure is a new addition to the already bustling Michigan ski resort activity list. The sporty attraction opened in late 2009 to rave reviews. Knowledgeable guides lead anxious thrill seekers on a tour of seven cable lines that crisscross the hills, valleys, and wooded grounds of Boyne Mountain. Leaping from platform to platform, zip liners fly over skiers and snowboarders below at speeds of up to 25 miles an hour. The extreme adrenaline rush is truly incredible as you get to savor the feeling of flying free above the ground.

Zip liners ride up together on a chairlift to reach the Mountain Express at Boyne Mountain, which is the first line on the tour. The guides are fully invested in providing a fun and safe zip line adventure experience for everyone. Riders are fully protected as the guides check seven points of inspection prior to the first jump-off. Hats, gloves, and other winter gear are recommended during the winter months.

Here are the zip line activity details:

Zip Line Adventure on Boyne Mountain

  • Zipline Adventure is open year-round at Boyne Mountain Resort and nearby Mountain Run at Boyne
  • Zip line tours last approximately two hours
  • Three daily sessions are offered on open days
  • The outdoor activity is offered on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Some additional days are added during holidays and the winter months
  • Zip lines range in length from 150 to 500 feet and top out at about 60 feet above the ground
  • 12 riders is the maximum amount used per session, and you may need to meet a minimum number in order to travel the course
  • Riders can weigh no less than 60 pounds and no more than 275 pounds
  • Recommended footwear includes hiking boots and athletic shoes, but ski/snow boots can also be worn
  • You will do some light climbing and hiking when you move from line to line on your zip line tour
  • All riders must wear a helmet, using your own or the one provided by the guides

On your next vacation to Mountain Run at Boyne, be sure to jump and soar to new heights with the adrenaline-inducing adventure activity that has taken over Michigan ski resorts. You won’t regret this chance to fly high above the treetops through the scenic Michigan mountain landscape. Don’t let the chance to enjoy this exciting activity zip by!