World’s Tallest Roller Coaster to Debut in Orlando in 2017

World’s Tallest Roller Coaster to Debut in Orlando in 2017

Are you ready for the world’s tallest roller coaster? Then start standing in line, because 2017 is going to be a great year for thrill seekers. That’s when an aptly named The Skyscraper is set to open in Orlando, Florida—and it promises to be an epic ride.

When construction is completed, this mega-coaster will rise 570 dizzying feet into the skyline of America’s Favorite Vacation Destination, 35 feet higher than the 535-foot-observation tower its steel tracks are wrapped around. To put things in perspective, the current champ in the category of world’s tallest roller coasters is Kingda Ka located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. It sends riders up and down a 456-foot, u-shaped track for 50 seconds of excitement.

Riders of The Skyscraper will plummet, dip, roll through 90-degree angles, twist through loops and experience intense adrenaline surges unlike anything roller coaster enthusiasts have encountered before. The Skyscraper will also hold the honor of being the world’s first Polercoaster vertical roller coaster. This incredible coaster was conceived and will be developed by Orlando-based U.S. Thrill Rides.

Michael Kitchen, president of U.S. Thrill Rides, had this to say: “The Skyscraper will not only take riders higher than ever before, but also introduce one thrill right after the next—there’s no down time on this four-minute coaster experience.” He continued: “Because of the sheer number of Guinness Book of World Records we intend to break on a single roller coaster ride, we expect coaster enthusiasts from around the world to travel to Orlando and experience The Skyscraper Polercoaster.”

Kingda Ka Roller CoasterThe Skyscraper roller coaster will be the main attraction for the $300 million, 14-acre Skyplex™ entertainment complex located on International Drive in Orlando. Those in search of tamer thrills can go for a modest 450-foot drop on the SkyFall.

The Skyscraper will join the ranks of the world’s tallest roller coasters in 2017. If you can’t wait until then, you can go for a virtual ride today.

Photo Credit: Russell Heiman and Hampus (license)

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