The Wisconsin Deer Park

Wisconsin Deer Park

For more than 50 years, the Wisconsin Deer Park, in the Wisconsin Dells, has offered children and their parents the opportunity to get up close and personal with the often seen, but rarely neared, deer of the United States. Within this sanctuary, the Wisconsin White Tail Deer that call this place home will come right up to you and eat from your hand. The staff not only offers the chance to have fun getting close to an animal that is often shy and elusive, but also provides the opportunity to learn a little something about Bambi, offering educational seminars and chances to read about the animals you are petting. Visiting this sanctuary during your next Bluegreen Vacations visit to the Wisconsin Dells will prove both fun and informative.

About The Wisconsin Deer Park

The Wisconsin Deer Park is actually one of the Dells’ first attractions, which was opened by wildlife lover Russ Tollaksen. Now operated by Russ’ grandson, the park is situated on 40 acres and acts as both a tourist attraction and zoological supply service for live deer. Deer from the Wisconsin Deer Park have been shipped to animal exhibits and zoos all over the country, helping organizations supplement their educational resources.

The park contains about four city blocks of exhibit space for you to visit. Upon entering, you will stroll along the paved trails through grass and forestlands, and be greeted by curious, wide-eyed White Tail Deer. You will also experience American Elk, American Bison, the European fallow deer and the Dainty Japanese Silka Deer.

Every season has something different to offer visitors of the Deer Park. Wisconsin-Deer-Park Spring season brings not only flowers, but lots of fawns. From May until mid-June, a baby deer is born almost every day! Following the spring, bucks begin to grow impressive antlers that will woo not only the does of the herd, but the human visitors as well. And in the fall, the animals are at their friskiest, as they too enjoy the cooling temperatures.

There is also a petting/barnyard area that hosts goats, pigs, emus and horses. Lemurs even made their way into this menagerie of animals some time ago, and now watch you watch them as you stroll through the park. So grab your cameras, a couple bucks for deer food and be ready for a great time!

The Wisconsin Deer Park is an affordable attraction to visit during your next vacation to Bluegreen Odyssey Dells or Christmas Mountain Village.