Water Wizz is a Whiz of a Water Park

Water Wizz is a Whiz of a Water Park

When it comes to beating the heat, Water Wizz Cape Cod is the perfect place. Here, you can get all wet, soak up the fun and slather on the SPF (summer pool fun). Southern New England’s Largest Water Park has 11 rides to choose from—providing varied levels of thrills.

Little Neck Beach: Low Thrill
This is an ideal place for the little ones to splash and frolic about. There’s only 18 inches of water in this pool but there’s still plenty of opportunity to have an ocean of fun. No big kids are allowed in the area—just pink frogs, wacky pelicans, floating alligators and umbrellas that bring rain showers. Children under 7 (accompanied by mom or dad, of course) are invited to have fun. Kids under 48 inches are required to wear a life jacket at all times while playing at Little Neck Beach.

Herring Run River: Low Thrill
There’s nothing like a leisurely float down a running river to make the lazy days of summer more enjoyable. Riders who embark on a tubing adventure down the Herring Run River will encounter waterfalls, misting sprays and moderate waves to add an element of excitement to the ride. This river run is perfect for guests who prefer to just chill out and relax.

Captain Kid’s Island: Low Thrill
This out-in-the-open hideaway is an ideal spot for kids to interact with other kids; and have mom and dad get involved in the fun, too. Captain Kid’s Island has water slides, water sprayers, water tunnels and waterfalls. There’s water, water everywhere—even the Water Wizz Cape Cod frog bucket. When it fills up, it tips over for the ultimate soaking. Children under 48 inches must wear life jackets at all times at this attraction.

Muscle Beach: Low/Moderate Thrill
Muscle Beach Wave PoolRide the waves or crash them. At Muscle Beach Wave Pool you and your family can do both. Encounter six different wave types that change every 10 minutes and reach heights of 3 ½ feet. Kids of all ages and swimming skill levels can ride the wave of fun all day long at this family-friendly attraction. Those looking to take a break from crashing the waves can relax under a shady umbrella in the lounge area with soft sand beneath your feet.

Harpoon Lagoon: Moderate Thrill
No need to brace yourself for waves at Harpoon Lagoon. The thrill here is all about is testing your ability to get across the pool while hopping across floating lily pads. Hold on to the overhead rope for balance then off you go. If you fall, don’t worry, there’s plenty of water below you. And you can always get back up and try again. If there are any nonswimmers in your group, they can spend time playing under two refreshing rain umbrellas.

The Canal Moderate Thrill
Standing six stories, and designed with fun-filled twists and turns, The Canal provides one of the longest tube rides on the East Coast. The experience is leisurely yet exciting. Advanced tubers won’t be challenged—but they won’t be disappointed either.

Hurricane Hill: High/Moderate Thrills
There’s uncertainty in every twist and turn on Hurricane Hill but that’s what makes it exciting. Standing more than 50 feet high, the park’s oldest ride is still one of the most popular. Go for an exhilarating ride down one of three serpentine slides or zip to the bottom aboard one of two speed slides. Along the way you’ll pass through tunnels, dip down embankments and face hurricane fun forces like you’ve never experienced. Water Wizz Cape Cod requires speed slide riders to be at least 48 inches tall.

Squid Row: High Thrill
Plunge down a twisting tube ride with dual tracks—one closed and the other open. With high-speed curves you hit like a racer, Squid Row is for riders with little fear and lots of tubing experience. Choose the closed tube and you’ll plummet into the unknown without being able to see the heart-pounding drops in front of you. The open flume is a little less intimidating, allowing riders to face what’s in front of them. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting.

Pirate’s Plunge: High Thrill
With a name like Pirate’s Plunge, you can expect big thrills, mateys. Entering the black tube is like walking the plank, and you’ll be shot into total darkness at lightning-fast speed. You may leave your stomach at the start, but by the time you realize what’s going on you’ve already passed into the light and made a splash landing. This ride is a zippy speedster best enjoyed over and over again—especially by extreme tubers looking for the next big thrill.

Devil’s PeakDevil’s Peak: High Thrill
If you feel the need for speed, plummet down Devil’s Plunge. Two 61-foot slides tower side-by-side over the park. This free-fall ride is recommended for thrill seekers with plenty of courage.

Thunder Falls: High Thrill
Thunder Falls, which debuted in 2014, is the park’s newest thrill ride. Shoot down one of three tubes that goes inside and out; through dark and light; and around twisting turns that leave you all turned around before making a splash landing in the pool. Riders can swoosh down in tandem as long as their combined weight does not exceed 300 pounds.

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism and NR Acampamentos via cc

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