The Secrets Behind InvadR, Busch Gardens’ Newest Coaster

Busch Gardens InvadR Bluegreen

Busch Gardens® Williamsburg, in Virginia, is famed worldwide for its metal speed coasters, dating back to 1975. The smooth rush of a metal coaster shouldn’t be underestimated. There’s one thing this thrill park has lacked, though; a primo wooden coaster.

Enter InvadR™, the monstrous Viking-themed wooden coaster premiering at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in April 2017, when the park opens for the season. Take a look at some of the interesting facts we’ve uncovered about this Nordic monstrosity.

Busch Gardens InvadR Car 1 Bluegreen

Extreme Heights, Extreme Speed

Unprecedented for a wooden coaster, InvadR features a 74-foot drop as its centerpiece. Throughout this ride, you’ll experience speeds up to 48 mph. The track is 2,000 feet long and engineered to make far less noise than the usual wooden coaster.

Despite this, the height requirement will be only 46 inches, which is shorter than the steel coasters at Busch Gardens (48 to 54 inches), so take your adventure-seeking family with you.

Busch Gardens InvadR Car 2 Bluegreen

Vikings vs. Villagers

The theme of InvadR is Vikings invading a village – in this case, Trapper’s Village, an existing area of the park next to New France. The ride is meant to simulate being in the midst of a fast-paced battle between the invading Viking hordes and the defending village.

InvadR Bluegreen

Busch Gardens’ First Crowdsourced Coaster

The marketing rollout for this roller coaster throughout 2016 was quite forward thinking. First, Busch Gardens polled fans using hashtag #BGProject2017 and asked them to choose one of three names for the new wooden coaster: InvadR, Battle Klash or Viking Raider. The first one won. Next, fans selected the logo for InvadR. This involvement is helping to raise excitement as opening day approaches.

Simulate the InvadR Experience

What’s the ride going to be like? Check out this computer simulation of the InvadR experience.

Stay Nearby and Save

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