Boating on Lake Izac

Boating Shenandoah Crossing

Shenandoah Crossing, the Bluegreen Resort in Gordonsville, Virginia, offers some of the most pristine views in the country, as the rolling hills which cradle Lake Izac are nested within the lumbering pines and hardwoods that make up the Appalachian Forest. Just like the Shenandoah Valley, Shenandoah Crossing offers vacationers opportunities to do plenty, from relaxing inside your luxurious yurt, to galloping along the open fields. You will find what you hoped to accomplish during a vacation to Shenandoah Crossing, as the area offers more than anyone could chew.

Having Fun On and Around Lake Izac

Boating-Shenandoah-CrossingThere are more than 1,000 acres within the property. Some 60 of those acres make up Lake Izac, a pretty paradise for those who love water. While this resort holds a championship golf course, tennis courts, space for volleyball games, horseshoes and mnigolf, some owners come strictly for Lake Izac. They hear her calling, whispering about the big one that got away and cooing over her cool waters.

The mile-long lake that is situated on the property of Shenandoah Crossing is great for swimming, fishing and boating. Not only does it add even more serenity to the beautiful landscape that houses the cabins, suites and yurts in Shenandoah Crossing, it adds so many opportunities for entertainment. Thankfully, Shenandoah Crossing recognized this years ago, and began providing pontoons for you to rent while on your vacation.

Is your vacation a romantic trip for two? Grab everything you need for a picnic and a bottle of wine and watch the sunset from the water. Spend an afternoon paddling each other around in a canoe, watching for wildlife and feeding the fish.

Boating-Shenandoah-CrossingOr, if this is a family affair, grab some fishing poles (which you can also rent at the full-service marina) and show the kids what’s better than their new video game. Take them tubing along your wake as your slide across the water, or let them try out their skills with the kayaks.

A day on the lake will leave you and your loved ones happy, sun-kissed and hungry. Dock your boat, canoe or kayak, turn in your fishing poles and life jackets and head over to Lake Izac Tavern for a meal to top off your fulfilling day.