Romantic Valentine’s Date Night at the Hershey Theatre

Valentine’s Date Night at the Hershey Theatre

During the week of Valentines, lovebirds in the United States purchase over 58 million pounds of chocolate. If that’s your plan, why not take your Valentine to the source? It’s not too late to plan a last-minute vacation to the chocolatey nest of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Trump all those who think a box of chocolate will suffice and take your valentine to the city where chocolate reigns supreme.

In a city where even the street lamps are shaped as chocolate Kisses, it is hard not to feel light-hearted and in love. Plan a Hershey Pennsylvania vacation! If you can, include Date Night at the Symphony, or a live performance of comedienne Kathy Griffin, at Hershey Theatre on February 12th. The theater itself is a thing of beauty, built with the sentiments of Milton Hershey’s statement, “The more beautiful you make something which people can see and use, the more enjoyment they will get out of it.”

Spend a Romantic Valentine's Day in HersheyThe building is breathtaking, to say the least. The floors are laid with polished Italian lava rock. The walls and archways are comprised of four types of marble, both domestic and imported. The ceiling is ornamented with bas-relief images of sheaves of wheat, beehives, swans, Apollo and Assyrian war chariots. The mosaic on the main floor seating area took two years to create. Needless to say, the building is a masterpiece and something that should be seen during your romantic vacation to Hershey.

If all this beauty and romance has you thinking I’m in, order your tickets ASAP, just in case others have the same romantic notions. And make dinner reservations. We want your Valentine’s Day vacation to go well.