Treasure Hunting at Crossroads Antiques

Hershey Antiques

Established in the early 1900s as a home for chocolate factory workers and their families, Hershey, Pennsylvania today is both a vibrant, active city and a tribute the past. Milton S. Hershey built many structures and established parks in his efforts to provide a hospitable environment for his employees, but many buildings have since been added to or reinvented to suit new needs of the community. A two-story stone barn with a parabolic roof that rises a above former farmland is a perfect example. Once housing for orphaned boys who farmed for Hershey, it’s now home to one of the most compelling shopping experiences in the area, Crossroads Antique Mall.

From Orphans’ Salvation to Antique Collectors’ Dream

The largest structure of its kind in the area, the big barn provides shelter for a co-op established by dozens of local antique dealers. You’ll find affordable furniture, pottery, glass, dolls, toys and other artifacts—including Hershey memorabilia. Originally named “My Wife’s Antiques” when it opened in 1989, it’s an emporium well worth a look even if you’re not on a mission to find any specific item. Its displays might include anything from chests filled with 1950s memorabilia to homemade quilts. You’ll see tools, baskets and furniture; china, porcelain, silver, stemware and linens; and paintings by iconic artists such as R. Atkinson Fox, Maxfield Parrish and Wallace Nutting.

Crossroads AntiquesIn an earlier day, the big barn provided living quarters for boys as old as 14 who worked on the dairy farms essential to Hershey’s chocolate production. In exchange for their labor, the boys received an education at a school founded for them by Hershey and his wife, Catherine.

Crossroads Antiques truly is a great place to spend a few hours of your vacation, if not a day—or a weekend. It’s open every day in June, July and August, and Thursdays through Mondays the rest of the year. Special Events occur throughout the year, such as the Valentine Tea, AACA Eastern National Antique & Classic Car Show and seasonal displays.

With so much to offer the avid antique collector, Crossroads Antiques is a great place to take a stroll—and maybe find your new favorite lamp!