Toys on the Square in Hershey, PA

Toys on the Square

Sooner or later on your trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, your children will be all chocolated out.

So what else is on your checklist of tactics for keeping them happy? (You do make a checklist, right?) How about piling everyone in the car for a short, 10-minute drive to Toys on the Square, an 8,000-foot emporium of uncommon, if not unique, and otherwise high-quality toys, games and crafts—and home to a studio where kids can hand paint their own pottery.

You’ll find the store just down the road in Hummelstown, on 22 East Main Street, a fairly inconspicuous building on a serene block in a small downtown. But the quiet façade belies a joyful buzz within. Aisle after aisle, one aha! moment follows another as children and parents alike spot just the toy, game or kit they’re looking for. Maybe it’s a long-coveted but hard-to-find item. Maybe it’s a serendipitous discovery that inspires a gift. The store inventory is incredible in size, far greater and more diverse than the representative sample displayed on the store website.

Toys on the Square Toys by CategoryThe selections are handpicked to ensure quality and foster your child’s imagination, curiosity and creativity whether toddler or teen. That’s been a hallmark of the store, family-owned and operated for a quarter-century. You’ll find everything from traditional LEGO sets to the latest Uglydolls. Check out the Toys by Category list online for an idea of the selection.

Truly, there’s a lot to process for you, the toy seeker if not toy connoisseur. That’s where knowledgeable and well-trained sales associates come in. If they’re not immediately at your service, they’re quick to get there as they traverse the aisles on scooters. And if you do intend your toy to be a gift, the wrapping service comes complementary. It all contributes to the Toys on the Square experience – which isn’t complete without a visit to the back portion of the store. There you’ll find the Paint-Your-Own Pottery studio.

Actually your child does more than paint the pottery – he or she practically does everything but heat the kiln. Your child chooses the size and style of unpainted clay pottery, assembles a personal Toys on the Square Paint-Your-Own Pottery studio“palette” from 75 colors and puts his or her imagination and artistry to use any way he or she wants. When your child has finished, an associate will bake and cool the masterwork. All you have to do is pick it up when called later or arrange to have it shipped to your home.

The studio even hosts parties. If the occasion for your vacation happens to be a birthday and you’ve brought along the young guest of honor’s siblings, cousins or even friends – now that’s what share happiness is all about – few party alternatives are more novel.

Whoever comes along, a visit to Toys on the Square is the perfect family experience when you’re looking for a lower-sugar alternative in Hershey, Pennsylvania – after all, aren’t vacations supposed to be all about fun and games?