Top 10 Things to Do in Williamsburg

Top 10 Williamsburg

The early days of patriotism find their origins in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was the center of political events in Virginia leading up to the American Revolution. Coming to Williamsburg reminds us of our humble beginnings, where colonists sought to create a land centered on ideals of freedom and democracy. This historical city has a lot to offer beyond museums and historic points of interest. Here are Top 10 Things to Do in Williamsburg!

Our Top 10 List

Revolutionary City

Through brilliant storytelling and interpretation, you are sent back in time to experience  life in the colonial period. This is the most exciting history lesson there is. A 90-minute event showcases the thoughts and struggles of the people of this town during its most dynamic period.

Crystal Concert

Ever hear of the glass armonica? Well, only eight musicians  in the world are known to play this instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin, but one of them is Dean Shostak, who plays a variety of  glass instruments in this one-of-a-kind concert. These rare instruments include one of only two glass violins in the world and a Grand Harmonicon (or glass harp, which consists of upright wine glasses that yield tones when rubbed by wet fingers) that dates to 1820.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg®

Perennially voted “Most Beautiful Theme Park,” Busch Gardens also has some of the most thrilling rides you’ll ever experience. Try out the Griffon bottomless steel dive coaster with its 90-degree angle drop.

Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theater

Enjoy comic whodunit performances, and even volunteer to play a role yourself. The selection of shows includes some appropriate for children and are staged nightly, with some matinees. This shows will keep you laughing while the detective in you tries to put clues together to figure out the mystery.

the-mariners-museumThe Mariners’ Museum

The museum in Newport News houses 35,000 maritime artifacts from around the world. It is said that a nation’s power is directly influenced by its control of the seas. The “Defending the Seas” exhibit displays that by telling the story of our navy’s past and present.

Williamsburg AleWerks

A handful of specialty beers are brewed here year-round. Take a tour of the brewery in order to taste a few of the selections.

Food For Thought

Enjoy this home-style cuisine with a twist. Every dish is created with care. You can find your classic grits dish jazzed up with cheese, shrimp, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Yum!

water-country-usaWater Country USA®

The park offers 43 acres of pools, lazy rivers and water rides, and as of April 2014, it’s home to Colossal Curl, maybe the most spectacular water slide experience in the United States.

Williamsburg Winery

This award-winning winery is Virginia’s largest. The tour includes a presentation on grape-growing and winemaking. An appointment is necessary for wine tasting in the private wine cellar.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Whether you believe it, or you don’t, the Ripley’s museum will always tap into your curiosity. From the strange to the unbelievable, this museum has it all. The 4-D theatre (that’s right 4) will be sure to shock you as well.