Top 10 Things to Do in Branson

Family Fishing in Branson

Branson, The city that calls itself the “Live Music Show Capital of the World”, is always bustling with visitors. It is a one-stop shop for all sorts of entertainment. The natural surroundings of the beautiful Ozark Mountains are one of the biggest draws. Branson is situated between three gorgeous lakes that don’t freeze over, therefore attracting visitors all year round. It is easy to take advantage of every moment in Branson while on vacation. Don’t miss any of these great attractions!

Our Top 10 Things to Do in Branson List

  1. Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride

    Go for a horseback ride through more than 150 acres of the Ozark Mountains.Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride along many of the trails used to carry mail in the 1800s.

  2. Golf

    Top of the Rock Golf Course offers a challenge to all levels of golfers. The views are breathtaking. Overlooking Table Rock Lake, playing golf never felt so remarkable.

  3. Table Rock Lake

    Ideal for a day of water sports, fishing, and exploring with the family during a vacation. The array of eye-catching fish makes this an opportune place for scuba diving. There is also a lot of nature around the lake perfect for hiking.

  4. Silver Dollar City

    Branson Table Rock LakeStep out of the real world and step into Silver Dollar City theme park that is set in the 1880s. Scream your way around some of Silver Dollar City Theme Park’s thrill rides. There are 30 of them to choose from! Watching the demonstrating craftsmen, such as silversmiths and candy makers, is just as fun as going on the rides.

  5. Frozen Custard
  6. The line at Andy’s Frozen Custard stretches and stretches, but thankfully it goes quickly and is completely worth the wait. The custard is prepared hourly and Andy’s only uses fresh ingredients in their recipes. A must-try on your next vacation to Branson.

  7. Ghost Tour
  8. Start the Branson ghost tour in downtown Branson with the story of the infamous bank robber that still haunts the area. The 90-minute tour goes from one haunted site to the next. Let the ghosts of the past tell you their story!

  9. Level 2 Steakhouse
  10. Known for incredible cuts of meat and tantalizing cooking, the glory of the Midwest is on full display at the Level 2 Steakhouse in Branson. With locally grown produce, fresh seafood from Hawaii, Heritage Missouri Pork and 28-Day Aged Corn-Fed Midwest Beef, you can’t go wrong.

  11. Northwoods Candy Emporium
  12. Branson Dogwood Canyon Family BikingCandy, candy, and moooore candy. How wonderful it is to see all the brilliant colored gummies or the vibrant variety of chocolates. Something for every sweet tooth can be found at Northwoods Candy Emporium.

  13. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park
  14. Dogwood Canyon is breathtakingly beautiful—so make plans to explore this Ozark gem! You can spend the day just skipping rocks along the lake, getting face-to-face with nature or hop on a bike and go riding through the trails.

  15. Talking Rocks Cavern
  16. Explore the inner workings of underground caves at Talking Rock Caverns. Natural crystal formations hang down from the tops of the caverns. Tours are an hour long and run every day.