Top 10 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Upon entering the city until the time you leave, you will know how it feels to live like a celebrity. Millions of glittering lights guide the way through the Las Vegas strip. It’s no wonder why Vegas is so appealing. That’s because there is a chance for everyone to live out his or her dreams. Try out the poker tables, go on an adrenaline-surging adventure or enjoy world-class cuisine.

    1. The Strip

Taking a walk up and down the strip is an attraction in itself. Stroll in and out of each attraction. Go shopping, stop at the slots and check out the pools. People watching in Vegas is as entertaining as gaming, shopping and dining combined. Tourists from every corner of the Earth can be spotted here.

    1. Gaming

Las Vegas GamingAs if we had to mention this part. Whether you are a seasoned blackjack pro or want to try your hand at the slots, gaming is an experience to be had in Vegas. Enter a poker tournament with your friends or family. Each venue is fun to try. Make sure enough money is left for dinner!

    1. Eiffel Tower Experience

Take an elevator ride up to the top to experience one of the best views of the Las Vegas strip. This replica of the real thing in Paris is half the size without losing any of the charm. Leave happy with a great photo souvenir that can be picked up at the bottom.

Cirque de Soleil Las Vegas

    1. Cirque de Soleil

Be prepared for amazement. There are always Cirque de Soleil shows performed in Vegas. From  The Beatles “Love” a rock and roll explosion, to “O,” a water-based show, Cirque shows are unlike anything you’ve seen. The music combined with acrobatics and beautiful choreography makes these shows a unique, must-see experience.

    1. Indoor Kart Racing

Need a break from all the gaming? Then take a turn on this unconventional Vegas ride. At Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing, 13 people compete against each other for the Kart Racing title!

    1. Red Rock

For a beautiful day away from the hustle of the strip, take a short drive to Red Rock National Conservation area. The remarkable scenery includes the canyon, wildflowers, and scurrying wildlife. Take a hike up to the top for a great view of the desert landscape.

    1. Shopping

Las Vegas GolfingNo matter where you stop in Vegas, the shopping is enticing. From high-end designer fashion to the more affordable brands, Vegas has everything. Don’t stuff a suitcase with clothes. Leave room for goodies to take home!

    1. Golfing

Just like everything else in Vegas, the golf courses here are larger than life. Luckily, you can tee it up on courses for all skill levels.

    1. Indoor Skydiving

If the real thing is too scary, then indoor skydiving is the perfect balance. Vegas Indoor Skydiving is where the pros practice. You can try free fall skydiving without a parachute or a plane! It’s safe for kids and adults alike, as long as there is no history of neck or back injury.

    1. Grand Canyon Excursion

The Grand Canyon is so close that there are many tours now leaving from Vegas to make a special day trip to see this natural wonder. If you get the chance to take advantage of one of these tours, the Grand Canyon excursion could end up being one of the best parts of your Vegas stay.