Tips for Your Lake Pleasant Scuba Adventure

Tips for Your Lake Pleasant Scuba Adventure

The next time you vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, embark on one of the best scuba adventures and dive into some fun down in the Valley of the Sun. Lake Pleasant, only about 30 minutes north of downtown, is largely regarded as one of the best spots to dive in all of Arizona. The largest lake in the Phoenix area features over 50 miles of shoreline.

Lake Pleasant reaches full water level from spring until midsummer. Anything later than that and the water levels are too low for any scuba activity. Throughout the year, millions of gallons of water are pumped daily into the lake through Old Waddell Dam. The effect of the regular water pumping leads to better visibility for scuba divers.

On your scuba adventure, you will get to view Arizona’s best collection of fish, including largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish, carp and Buffalo fish.

Tips for Your Lake Pleasant Scuba Adventure:

Scuba diver

  • Don’t forget your scuba dive gear and diving buddy
  • Bring a dive flag and float to warn boaters that there are scuba divers in the water
  • Wear an underwater mask instead of goggles for prime visibility
  • Wet suits or dry suits need to be worn to handle the extreme temperature changes
  • Take a dive knife for safety in case you get entangled underwater
  • Bring plenty of drinking water in order to stay hydrated
  • Apply sunscreen as needed to protect yourself from the hot Arizona sun
  • Use a tarp to set your gear on during the dive

Year-round scuba diving occurs on the coves of the beautiful Lake Pleasant. There are full-service dive boats available for all of the scuba enthusiasts eager to explore the Arizona waters. Scuba diving instruction can also be provided to the water sport novice.

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