The Jersey Boys On Tour

Jersey Boys

The Four Seasons was a highly successful band of the 1960s, known for songs that easily glued themselves to the record in your head that gets stuck on repeat. Songs like Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like a Man, Beggin and Who Loves You topped the charts in the mid-60s, rivaled only by The Beach Boys. They were the era just before the Beatles, when wholesome was the theme of the week. But these boys weren’t just a cookie cutter group of charmers who were groomed for success; these boys were from the streets of Newark and had to claw their way to the top of the Billboard and balance the beam once on top. While they experienced a few slips, no fall was ever fatal, as they remained a popular performance group through the years.

The Four Seasons Give Rise To The Jersey Boys

Their popularity as a performance group echoed into the Broadway play that is running the gamut today. Jersey Boys is a Broadway hit about the Four Seasons that has swept the nation back into continuously humming oldies but goodies.

Jersey-BoysIn an interview with Franki Valli and Bob Gaudio, Franki said a friend approached him to report he thought the musical would be a bigger hit than the band. This internationally acclaimed musical tells the tale of the trials and tribulations occurred by the young men of The Four Seasons during their rise to fame.

This performance explains how the four boys from the wrong side of New Jersey invented their own unique sound, grappled their way to the top, became inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and sold over 100 million records worldwide.

The show has now been seen by over four million people worldwide, and received outstanding reviews from the likes of BBC, New York Post and New York Times.

Jersey-BoysNow that Sherry is stuck in your head, and you’re thinking about the good old days, go ahead and purchase your tickets for your New York City vacation.

The Jersey Boys are touring throughout the nation (and world) through Summer 2016.

The Jersey Boys will make you laugh, make you almost cry and leave you completely fulfilled – after watching the rise to glory experienced by The Four Seasons.