Smoky Mountain Springfest

Smoky Mountain Spring Festival

There’s no more beautiful time for a Gatlinburg vacation than spring. Consider planning your trip to coincide with the city’s Smoky Mountain Springfest which lasts for more than three months. Beginning in early March and continuing into the second week of June, SpringFest is a steady series of fun special events and entertainment, accompanied by a dazzling riot of nature’s color and stunning beauty. Pack your camera!

Gatlinburg Visitors Bureau is proud that the city of Gatlinburg and the Department of Tourism are both serious about creating events and things to do in Gatlinburg that will bring people to town in conjunction with everything greening up.

Springfest is all about the dogwoods and the redbuds, the blooming of the flowers, the chirping of the birds. This is a really walk-able community, and there’s no better time of year here. This year, spring will be an even bigger deal than normal, because after this winter, cabin fever is at an all-time high. People are really ready to get outdoors and enjoy.

And what a pretty time to do that in Gatlinburg, when streets are bursting with blooming flowers and plants:  daffodils, tulips, bougainvillea, lantanas, pansies and more. Mother Nature’s most brightly-hued adornments spill from gardens, baskets and planters. Strolling through such beauty, with the sun on one’s face, is such a popular pastime it has a name: the Downtown Parkway stroll.

The Smoky Mountains festivals associated with Spring Fest keep Gatlinburg bustling. Easter is no exception; each year, the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community hosts its annual Easter Arts & Crafts Show during the holiday weekend. On Easter morning, residents and visitors rise early to catch a tram up to the sunrise service on the mountaintop, at Ober Gatlinburg resort and park. This stunning event is a much beloved tradition that comes with breathtaking views.  A mountaintop breakfast buffet awaits after the service.

Smoky Mountain BusTennessee is known for its great hickory-smoked barbecue, and Springfest is a great time to sample the finest.  Vendors from all over the region and beyond roll into town to tempt and wow during Gatlinburg’s Ribfest & Wings event on the Parkway.  Follow your nose to the open grill on the Parkway and taste away during your Bluegreen vacation. Free entertainment beefs up this mouth-watering event.

Hikers, gardeners, photographers and nature lovers will appreciate the Annual spring Wildflower Pilgrimage held each April. The event, which showcases all the delicate wildflowers in bloom along 150 different hiking trails. Trails range from easy to strenuous, and the Pilgrimage, hosted by Tennessee’s Botany Department and the Gatlinburg Garden Club, offers five days’ worth of exhibitions, demonstrations, classroom lectures and motor excursions.

Scottish Festival & Games have the clans parading, dancing, competing and bag piping in the month of May.  Dog fanciers will especially enjoy the border collie demonstrations, and this festival provides a full day’s roster of unusual entertainment, along with food and merchandise.