Restaurant Review: The Stuffed Pig in Marathon

The Stuffed Pig Restaurant

If you’re traveling up or down U.S. 1 and realize you’re hungry, head for Mile Marker 49 in Marathon during your next vacation.  If it’s not yet 2 p.m., you’re in luck . . . The Stuffed Pig is open.

This iconic breakfast-and-lunch joint has been a Marathon Florida Keys fixture since 1984.  On a nondescript corner lies this innocuous little diner that serves up huge platters of food from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. six days a week, and 6-12 on Sunday.

The first thing you’ll notice is the friendliness of the staff.  Many—if not all—of the gals who work up front as servers have been there a long time.  They’ll guide you through the more unusual parts of the menu, and answer questions about entrees like “alligator tail & eggs” and the “big pig.”

The Stuffed Pig in MarathonThe menu is decidedly “down home,” while presenting a fusion of southern and tropical favorites. Choose home fries or cinnamon raisin toast; scrambled eggs or country fried steak.  Barbecue and onion rings give a nod to the deep south while conch & lobster fritters typify the Keys.

The most mysterious item on the menu is “grits and grunts.”  Grits are, of course, the southern staple made from coarsely ground corn. The oddly named grunts, on the other hand, are primarily tropical fish which hang out near coral reefs and in other temperate-weather habitats.  Many Florida old-timers have made grunts a steady part of their diet for years, and consider them a good replacement for snapper or grouper.

The Stuffed Pig upholds this tradition by adding a huge (doggy-bag-sized) piece of fried grunt to your breakfast platter, alongside the bowl of grits advertised in the entrée name.  But that’s not all … you’ll still get eggs and toast, too.  It’s a whopper of a meal and well worth every penny.

TheThe Stuffed Pig also has a popular garden patio and tiki hut out back—a great place to book if you’re going to the Keys for a reunion, wedding, meeting or other special event. The restaurant obliges many revelers by adding tents, night lighting and even a dance floor if requested.

Best of all, the Stuffed Pig is very near The Hammocks at Marathon.  So once you wake up, go out on your balcony, check the beautiful view, and stretch in the morning sunshine, it’s time to head to the Stuffed Pig for breakfast.

They also serve lunch, which is just as satisfying, and offers many fresh seafood choices.   Of all the Marathon, Florida restaurants to try during your next vacation to the Florida Keys, try the Stuffed Pig.