Guide to a Skiing at Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain Skier

New York has more mountains than any other state. As January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month in New York, planning a vacation centered around the outdoor adventure may be fun at Hunter Mountain. About a two-hour drive north of New York City in the Catskill Mountains, this area provides some of the best slopes through the season.

Hunter Mountain is the Catskills’ premier winter resort destination, with runs friendly to skiers of every level, an impressive vertical drop and reliable snow conditions.Hunter Mountain Family

Slopes for all Skill Levels

Beginners and full families will enjoy the trails of Hunter One, each one specially crafted for learning and comfort, while simultaneously providing great views of the surrounding trees, wildlife and skies. For the intermediate skier, there are several nice options of Hunter Mountain ski trails that slope from summit to base. Expert and adventurous skiers have the pick of the litter – with choices including advanced trails that wind down the mountain, as well as the slopes of Hunter West.

Hunter MountainIf you’re heading to Manhattan, and are wary of the snow conditions, or lack there of, don’t worry too much; Hunter Mountain has been monikered “The Snowmaking Capitol of the World” for some time. To facilitate optimal skiing all the time, the mountain can produce 40 tons of snow per minute, meaning it can cover an acre of mountainside (roughly the size of a football field) every hour. Pretty impressive.

Hunter Mountain also has a few options for apres-ski dinners and drinks. The resort area boasts three bars, eight cafes and restaurants and two snack bars. There is also The Summit Lodge, located 3,200 feet above sea level, on the slopes. All offer warm drinks, great treats and an excellent way to take a break or chill out before the drive back to your resort.

As a guest at The Manhattan Club, there is no better way to complement the scenic and rural atmosphere of Hunter Mountain that by returning to the mountains in the city.