Shenandoah Valley Luxury Camping


Want to embark on a memorable nature experience for your next vacation, but cringe at the idea of roughing it during a camping trip? Does the thought of swarms of bugs attacking your tiny tent make your skin crawl? The new, hot modern solution is glamorous camping!

You’ve heard of the term “Glamping,” right? Glamping is the lovely marriage between “glamorous” and “camping” that has now become an attractive alternative to a traditional resort vacation. At Shenandoah Crossing  in Gordonsville, Virginia, you can enjoy the quiet and natural beauty of Shenandoah Valley in a luxury, custom-made yurt—part-tent, part-cabin.

These yurts expertly  combine lumber, canvas and steel tension cable. They provide the modern conveniences of cabins and townhomes, while maintaining a bond with the great outdoors. Each yurt features a domed skylight, which allows natural light to fill the living space. Luxury camping yurts also offer stylish furnishings including four-poster king-size pillow top bed beds.

Shenandoah Valley Luxury CampingYurts feature plush linens and fully equipped kitchens.  You can  watch your favorite sporting events on high-tech, flat-screen televisions in a climate controlled by central air. As a bonus, a  large, wooden deck  wraps around the entire structure and includes a great summer kitchen.

So, you can spend the day hiking or riding horses, and then continue your outdoors experience at night—while remaining comfortably indoors.