See The Little Mermaid in Branson

The Little Mermaid Musical in Branson

In 1989 The Little Mermaid, an animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures, swam into movie theaters and became a beloved classic. Now through September 5, 2015, you can go under the sea in The White House Theatre for a Broadway Stage Production sure to prove that Disney and Branson make a magical team.

Broadway of Branson, a brand new production company, will be presenting The Little Mermaid in Branson as part of an exclusive agreement with Disney. Country Club Entertainment will produce this whimsical stage musical. As you might expect, this theatrical show stars Ariel, and will feature all of the amusing and diabolical characters from the movie.

Ariel is a carefree teenager with a beautiful voice who daydreams about leaving the underwater kingdom of Atlantica to live among the humans. She has a fancy collection of artifacts from the surface world that she proudly displays in her grotto. This kindhearted teen falls in love with Prince Eric after saving him from a shipwreck—and she will do anything to marry him, including giving up her voice to the evil sea witch Ursula.

Ariel’s best friend and trusted companion in all her adventures is Flounder. Though this little fish scares easily and panics at the slightest sign of danger, he will always be there ensure that Ariel is not harmed. Witness his follies and see him at his best during a performance of The Little Mermaid in Branson.

SebastianThis raggedy seagull thinks he’s an expert in all matters. Trouble is, he’s always wrong about everything. Scuttle’s one talent is appraising trinkets from the human world that Ariel brings to him.

King Triton
King Triton is Ariel’s father and the supreme ruler of the seas. His majesty is tough, fair and always carries himself in a dignified manner. The king garnishes his power from a magical trident that he is willing to relinquish to save Ariel from Ursula’s evil clutches.

This cheerful Caribbean crab is King Triton’s servant and has been assigned to protect and guide Ariel. Sebastian is always upbeat and sings Calypso songs inspired from the island of Jamaica.

Ursula is a white-haired sea witch with six black tentacles. This antagonist seeks to rule by helping Ariel become human and marry Prince Eric. The ruse is part of Ursula’s bigger plan to take control of King Triton’s kingdom by seizing his crown and trident.

Prince Eric
After his boat crashes during a storm, Ariel rescues Prince Eric and saves him from drowning by carrying him to shore. In an attempt to revive him, Ariel sings to him, but is forced to retreat into the ocean for fear of being discovered by his manservant. The prince searches for the girl behind the voice and finally discovers his true love. Watch as he fights for her in an epic battle with Ursula on stage during The Little Mermaid in Branson.

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