Scuba Diving in Table Rock Lake

Scuba Diving in Table Rock Lake

Branson, Missouri is built on music and entertainment. While the parks, campgrounds, shops and over 50 performance centers may attract many a visitor to this bustling midwestern city, less-known attractions do exist, and call those who are willing to take the plunge. Just east of Branson is Table Rock Lake. Within those waters lies an often unseen, yet abundant, variety of wildlife and landforms for divers to enjoy during their next vacation. Scuba diving in Table Rock Lake offers the Branson vacationer something not everyone gets to experience.

Experience Table Rock Lake and more

Table Rock Lake is teeming with wildlife. The depths offer gigantic catfish, beautiful and friendly long-ear sunfish and even rare, tiny, freshwater jellyfish. Bass will swim right up to scuba divers, checking out what all the commotion is about. Looking for some crawdads? Just flip a rock and they will scurry out from under. There are plenty of creatures to exchange glances with, and they are as interested in you as you are in them.

Table Rock Lake PierOn top of the wildlife, there are also some popular sites with interesting landforms and features to see on your adventure.

Zebulon Pike is a site that features a sunken double-decker excursion boat. The boat is 90-feet long and in approximately 75-95 feet of water. It gets dark that deep, so you need a flashlight. And if you’re a novice scuba diver, you may want to try a few other sites first.

The Saddle is a ridge that runs east across the main channel of the lake. Depths reach 90-feet, but you can stay in shallow waters for most of it. There are narrow spots with visible drop-offs on either side, which allow for awesome topographical views.

Then there is the Enchanted Forest, a rock bluff that is one to two miles north of the dam. This site is a must see, as your 65-foot decent brings you to a grove of moss-covered oaks, some so tall they break the surface. The foliage is home to plenty of fish and other lake creatures, so keep your eyes peeled. Get close to look for the fish and snails, or swim back a little and take in the spooky, beautiful silhouette of the trees. Scuba diving gives you views like no other.

Table Rock Lake ParasailingIf you have never been scuba diving, or are new to the sport and wanting a group dive, check out State Park Marina. The staff at the dive shop can introduce you to the joys of scuba diving with classes and group trips. The scuba diving lessons are given right in the lake rather than a pool, so you get to experience the great outdoors right away.