Penn’s Cave—A Cavern Like No Other

Penn's Cave PA

If you enjoy caves, then exploring America’s only all-water cavern and wildlife park, Penn’s Cave, will be a real treat. Spend the day with the entire family and experience a fun-filled ride that’s perfect for experienced and first-time cave explorers alike. Limestone passageways are filled by springs throughout the cave. Each year, thousands of visitors watch this natural wonder showcase its boundless beauty. You will get the opportunity to explore other natural mysteries beneath the surface for a truly amazing experience.

Penn's Cave TourOn a property sprawling over 1,600 acres, Penn’s Cave includes a hotel and wildlife preserve. Fully functioning farms serve to raise feed for the animals living on the preserve. Over the years, the forests and fields in the cave have been carefully maintained as a natural habitat for birds, plants and animals. Take the some combination of the Cavern , Farm and Wildlife, and Cave Rock Mountain  tours, and you will to soak in the geology and geography of the Central Pennsylvania region.

Penn's Cave TourCavern Tour

During the hour-long cave tour, guides point out the wavy formations of stalactites and stalagmite. Some stalactites (the formations that extend downward from the roof of the cave like icicles)  connect to the stalagmites (the upside-down icicles extending from the floor).  Known as “Cave Bacon,” these shapes have inspired names such as “The Statue of Liberty” and “Garden of the Gods.” The soaring cavern walls reflect every color of the rainbow, too!

The unique part is that the cave tour is done as you float along on a custom-made motorboat accompanied by a tour guide. The motorboat—capacity 20—journeys along the limestone corridors through the underwater cavern, emerging into Lake Nittany at the conclusion. The lake forms the headwaters of one of Pennsylvania’s top 10 trout-fishing streams. Along the way, boat riders can feed rainbow and trout while viewing elk and bison grazing along the shore. No matter what time of year, the cavern temperature is always a cool 52 degrees. So, be sure to bring a jacket because it gets quite chilly during the cave tour.

Penn's Cave WolfFarm and Wildlife Tour

After the Cavern Tour, buckle up for the 90-minute Wildlife tour. During the open-air bus ride, you will explore the vast grazing pastures, mountain trails and forests on the property. You’ll watch wild mustangs and deer gallop around the grounds and hear the roars of black bears and mountain lions.

Cave Rock Mountain Tour

The Cave Rock Mountain Tour is a fully guided off-road adventure. You’ll ride Jeeps  from the cave to a  mountaintop vista, navigating obstacles, moguls and ravines along the way.

Prospector Pete’s Miners Maze

Meanwhile, there’s also Prospector Pete’s Miners Maze, a 4,800-square foot maze that allows you and your family or friends to have fun finding your way out.

At the end of your journey, tour the gift shop stocked with fun and educational souvenirs to commemorate your adventure. You can also visit the small café for a quick bite to eat. Set in the lush central PA countryside, you will be surrounded by Amish farms, trees and rolling hills. Experiencing nature’s flawless beauty and color firsthand will make your next vacation to Penn’s Cave a memorable one!