Union Square Greenmarket in New York City

Union Square Greenmarket

Your vacation in New York City should not just include dining out at the area restaurants. Vacation goers should also take a trip to check out one of the most famous markets in the world, the Union Square Greenmarket.  You cannot experience The Big Apple without making like the locals and strolling through all the exciting options. Table after table, you will find fresh foods from near and far.

About The Union Square Greenmarket

What started in 1976 as a small place to get specialty items from only 12 farmers has since become a market that includes multiple booths, covering the north and west sides of Union Square Park. It is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays. On any given day, it is said to feature hundreds of farmers, fishermen, bakers and artisans, and have over 50,000 visitors.

Union Square Greenmarket Grapes

It is a place to go to shop and make tasty purchases. But it is also so much more, since you can spend quality time there with your family. Check out a culinary demonstration, take a taste of a new product, snap photos of whatever is in season, or chat with the vendors to learn more about how to prepare something you are not familiar with. Why not learn something new on your vacation and take a break from the shopping plazas and bright lights and excitement in Times Square for something different.

The market has so much to offer if you are looking to buy, yet it is just as entertaining to just browse.  The possibilities are endless for what you can purchase at the market. Bring home fresh flowers to brighten your room at the resort during your stay or stock up on jams, honey, and other homemade products to take home.

Union Square Greenmarket Tomatoes

There are also a variety of breads, spreads, meats, and cheeses to purchase to create a satisfying lunch or snack and plenty of desserts to choose from.  Why not take a rest from the chaos of Time Square on your vacation, pack a picnic with treats from the Greenmarket, and take it to Central Park? There is nothing like sitting surrounded by all nature has to offer at the park, while knowing just blocks away the cabs are whizzing by and the city is full of life.

You may even want to stock up with healthy snacks like fruits and veggies to nosh on in between sightseeing. Or have your own wine and cheese party. The Greenmarket is easily accessible by train or walking distance from local attractions. It is also just 10 minutes by car, so you can pile into a cab with all your goodies without having to go too far.