Tips to Getting Around New York City

Tips to Getting Around New York City

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? How about the ride of your life? Getting around in New York City can be a trip of its own, as you work through the jumble of trains, cabs, busses and bikes. Each mode of transportation offers a great way to see the city during your vacation and experience a day in the life of a New Yorker. Whether you walk, ride, hail or board, you will be just fine with a little help from these tips:


A Few Tips On Getting Around New York City

Car Services
If you really want to do it up, renting a driver is your way to go and ticket to feeling famous.

Hail a Taxi
New York residents use taxis as much, if not more often, than visitors to the city. They are easy to come by, easy to recognize and relatively affordable. Just step off the curb and raise your hand for a cab. If the center light above the cab (on the overhead number display) is on, the cab is open for passengers. If there New York City Trainare no lights displayed, it already has a fare, so look for the next. If all the lights are on, the driver is off duty. You’ll get the hang of it quickly.  Just to let you know, they are invariably harder to hail when it’s raining. So unless you want to wait for one to get stop, avoid getting soaked by taking the subway.

The NY subway system is fast, affordable and filled with people. You’ll find entrances on street corners, marked with red or green balls. Green means you can purchase a MetroCard onsite, red means you cannot. There are maps at every entrance, complete with train routes and city streets. The MTA New York City website is a great source of information as well. It’s more than a good idea to look at these. So, get oriented, swipe your way in, grab a seat or stand and hold on! Trains away!

**A MetroCard is a debit card for city transportation.

Bus your way through the city with the same MetroCard you use on the train. They may not be as quick as the subway, thanks to the ridiculous nature of New York City traffic, but they do offer sunlight and views of the city. And their service lines also branch out a bit further than the subway, making them perfect for venturing into the New York City Busnooks and crannies of the Big City.


Just to say you took one. The Staten Island Ferry will take your from Lower Manhattan to Staten Island and provide great views of New York City’s working harbor. The ride is free, so jump on and enjoy the views. You’ll even be able to see the Statue of Liberty from the boat.

So now that you’ve got the gist of the various ways to get around in New York City, get out there and explore! We know the hustle and bustle of mass public transit may take a bit to get used to, but we also know that it is a great way to experience the city. It is the only way to live the life of a New Yorker. For even the socialites and high rollers of Fifth Avenue have taken a seat on the subway before.