Pampas Brazilian Grille

Pampas Brazilian Grille

Pampas Brazilian Grille inside Planet Hollywood Casino is a reminder that very little about Las Vegas is moderate. And just like at the roulette wheel or blackjack table or any casino floor during cocktail rounds, nobody at this rodízio (all-you-can-eat) restaurant is going to tell you when to stop—you’ve got to know when to say when. But if you’re able to ignore the temptation to overindulge, then few dining experiences anywhere will be more memorable.

Sure, if you don’t trust yourself, you could always order a delicious, fixed-plate entrée—maybe a Chuleta Steak (rib eye), Filet Mignon, Brazilian Bouillabaisse (featuring lobster, shrimp and mussels) or Grilled Peito De Frango (chicken breast with herbs and olive oil). Maybe you could even tack on the enticing side and salad bar option. But if you want the full, authentic Brazilian churrasco-style cuisine experience in all its tempting glory, go with the Meat Rodízio—the incomparable “parade of meats.”

What’s a rodízio?

Pampas Brazilian GrilleChurasco-style cuisine is a centuries-old cooking tradition. It originated in extreme southeastern Brazil, in the northern region of the South American plains, or pampas, which envelop Uruguay and stretch into coastal Argentina.

Gauchos—the South American version of cowboys—lived off the land and had to eat the livestock they slaughtered quickly before it spoiled. So they skewered large cuts and slow-roasted them over wood embers, collecting the juices for basting. Pampas Brazilian Grille is a modern churascarria, where meats are barbecued on skewers the length of swords and basted in their own delicious juices.

The meats are then served rodízo-style. Attendants bring the skewers straight off the spit onto the restaurant floor, moving from table to table, seemingly one after another. The servers use cutlery to scrape the hot, tender meat off the sword and onto your plate. Each trip from the churascarria brings a different delight, and the servers keep coming until you tell them to stop.

What’s on Pampas Brazilian Grille’s Meat Rodízio menu?

For one price, the Meat Rodízio parade includes a wide variety of quality meats:

Picanha Nobre is is a Brazilian cut of beef, a rough equivalent of U.S. top sirloin, which comes seasoned with rock salt and olive oil. Alcatra is a different cut of top sirloin prepared similarly. Maminha De Alcatra is tender tri-tip seasoned with sea salt; Contra-file, sirloin marinated in shallots and garlic.

Cordeiro is leg of lamb marinated with mint and garlic; Lombo, pork leg marinated in cilantro-based stock. Faix Enrolado Con Bacon is bacon-wrapped filet; Frango, bacon-wrapped chicken breasts; Frango Picante, garlic-, chili- and vinegar-marinated chicken legs.

Among pork sausages, there’s Linguiça De Porco, prepared with fennel and garlic, and Linguica Calabresa, made with chilis and harissa, a spicy paste. Then there’s the perfect taste combination of Pernil De Porco (smoked ham) and Abacaxi (slow-roasted pineapple).

CordeiroThere’s more. The Ultimate Surf and Turf Rodízio entitles you to all the meats listed above, plus all-you-can eat shrimp in garlic butter, scallops swaddled in prosciutto, grilled and glazed salmon, and the day’s fresh catch, also grilled, as well as skewered vegetables. It also includes unlimited access to the 50 sides, hot and cold, at the salad and side bar.

There’s also a selection of sides served family style and a la carte seafood including New England lobster.

That’s a lot to digest, figuratively and literally. So make sure you come to Pampas Brazilian Grille just as you would to any craps table or dollar slot—knowing your limits. And count on one of the most enjoyable experiences of your Las Vegas vacation.

Photo credit: [ manoel petry ] via photopin cc