Las Vegas Motor Speedway – The Neon Garage

Las Vegas Motor Speedway – The Neon Garage

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, just outside of the city and Bluegreen Club 36TM, is a smorgasbord of motor-sports related sights and sounds. From Hot Rod shows to the Kobalt Tools 400, Mopar races and the famed NASCAR series, there is always an event worth watching at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And the best place to watch it from is the Neon Garage, a relatively new addition to the Speedway that offers guests unprecedented access to race teams and drivers, concession stands you don’t have to wait in line for, live entertainment and the Winner’s Circle. It’s what some call “NASCAR Disneyland.”

About the Neon Garage

Built between 2006 and 2007, the Neon Garage is a two-story, fully windowed addition of the Speedway, right in the center of the infield, giving fans better than ever views of the track, cars, drivers and teams. Bands perform inside the Neon Garage before and after the race, so as you explore, you will get some great tunes to keep you going. The Blue Man Group has even performed for fans lucky enough to get into the Neon Garage. Other entertaining performances have included ultra-realistic tribute artists depicting Elvis Presley to Tom Jones and Garth Brooks.

Enjoy the Holidays during St. Augustine's Nights of Lights
The upper level allows you to walk around and look down at the teams working on the cars. You also get a hawk’s-eye view of the Winner’s Circle and the festivities that ensue at the end of a race, when the driver pulls through the mass of fans outside and shares his victory with his team and the screaming fans in the Neon Garage. Think of this high view as better than box seats in a football stadium.

The lower level allows you to get up close and personal with the race team and drivers. The team members can open the windows on the bottom floor of the Neon Garage, and often interact with whoever is around. You will get a close-up view of drivers going to and from the garage to their trailers, and watch them hop back into the cockpit after a stop.

Enjoy the Holidays during St. Augustine's Nights of Lights
If you haven’t experienced a race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you are seriously missing out on some great Las Vegas entertainment. If you haven’t watched a race from the Neon Garage, you are missing out on even more Las Vegas fun. You know the deal with this big city of Las Vegas – There is always something better. And the Neon Garage is the way to get to that better form of race watching.

Races for the rest of the season include:

SRL Tour, Lucas Oil Modifieds – 05/14/11

USAC Midgets, Super Late Models, demo derby – 05/28/11

K&N West Series – 06/11/11

Fireworks, Jet Car Burn, Robosaurus, NASCAR racing – 07/03/11

NHRA Las Vegas Nationals – 10/27 – 10/30/11

So get your tickets and get up close and personal with the teams and drivers!