Myrtle Beach’s New Must-See Dinosaur Exhibit

Myrtle Beach's New Must-See Dinosaur Exhibit

More than 60 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth. Then they became extinct. Now, they’ve been resurrected in the form of full-scale animatronics in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The dinosaur exhibit at Broadway at the Beach is an exceptional interactive attraction that gives kids (and adults) an opportunity to get up close and personal with 25 handmade replicas of these prehistoric creatures. Will you be ready to hear their roars and see them get up and move right before your eyes?

Broadway at the Beach has long been the epicenter of fun things to do in Myrtle Beach. And year after year, new attractions are brought in or built to make this destination better than ever. In 2015, this family hotspot is unearthing Dinosaurs: The Exhibition. Seems fitting that a destination that attractions millions of visitors would showcase an attraction whose stars are millions of years old.

This dinosaur exhibit is a must-see attraction because it’s far more than just a place to look at dinosaurs. It’s a place for hands-on experiences and learning with four Adventure Zones suitable for kids of all ages.

Dig a Dino
For an activity your children will really dig, have them train to become junior paleontologists. This fun-filled event takes place at an archeological dig site, where they will be given the tools to unearth and excavate genuine dinosaur fossils and other artifacts at the Dig a Dino exhibit.

Ride a Dino
Forget roller coasters. Your kids can enjoy a thrill ride on the back of a ferocious, 20-foot tall, 25-foot long T-Rex or heavily armored Triceratops. Ride a Dino journeys take place atop one of the beasts of the Stone Age—and travel through a park designed to resemble the Jurassic Period in the Mesozoic Era.

T-Rex Fun HouseT-Rex Fun House
The T-Rex Fun House is an exciting soft play area where little ones to have fun on pint-sized dinosaurs. Watch as your kids climb up and down junior dinosaurs then head off to explore a world that time forgot. This dinosaur exhibit is a safe place to let the kids wander off own their own.

Dino Movie Room
Youngsters, middle-aged archeologists and old timers will all enjoy movies projected on dinosaur-sized screens. These special films pack tons of learning and fun into a short amount of time. Good times from the prehistoric era are now showing in The Dino Movie Room.

Dinosaurs: The Exhibition is an 8,000-sqaure-foot-space located between Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and Ripley’s Aquarium.

Photo Credit: Brandy Shaul and John Cummings cc

Starts: 03/16/2015
Ends: 08/31/2015
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina