Top 10 Things to Do in Boyne

Boyne, Michigan Landscape

Every type of natural landscape encircles the quaint little city of Boyne, Michigan. From mountains to rivers to forests, Boyne is an outdoorsman’s heaven. Boyne Mountain attracts visitors all year round, whether it’s for skiing down the slopes or probing through the woods for the elusive morel mushrooms.

The whole family will be entertained for days while visiting all the attractions Boyne has to offer. Take a look at the Top Ten Things to do in Boyne:

    1. Farmers Market
      Get it all fresh and locally grown. Come here for your food needs while staying in Boyne. These vendors are proud to offer you some of the best produce and food products around.
    2. Avalanche Mountain
      Whether the mountain is snow-peaked or sun drenched, there are endless outdoor activities to delve into on Avalanche Mountain. Some of those activities include skiing, hiking, biking, snowmobiling and an archery range.

Ironton Ferry

    1. Ironton Ferry
      Chug along the water on the legendary Ironton Ferry. The ferry connects Boyne to the small city Ironton. The ride fare is $3.25 including both ways.
    2. Bay Harbor
      You won’t run out of things to do at Bay Harbor. It has a lively marina, great shopping, and tasty eateries. Fun activities are planned all year round from leisurely to more active.
    3. Chairlift
      The chairlift is a great way to get the most serene aerial view of Boyne Mountain. The lift also drops you off at the top of the mountain to play Disc Golf, go mountain biking or eat at the Eagle’s Nest.
    4. Castle Farms
      Feel like royalty for a day. Prance through the majestic gardens or take a stroll inside the castle walls. Tours can be done independently or with a guide. Going through the hedge maze is another highlight of visiting Castle Farms.
    5. Hunting for mushrooms
      Morel mushrooms are the pride of Boyne. Take a trek through the woods with a guide and see what species you can find. Don’t eat them yet, because it’s important to clarify which mushrooms are edible and which should be avoided.
    6. Mackinac Island
      This is a must do! The island can only be reached by private boats or ferry. Once on the island, keep in mind that motorized vehicles have been prohibited so your only means of transportation will be bicycles or horse drawn carriages. Enjoy a natural spring, shop, or swim in the beautiful ocean while you are here.

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark

  1. Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark
    Skid down the slippery slides in this winter wonderland themed waterpark all while being inside. One of the most fun attractions of the park is the Wet Climbing Wall. While scaling up the wall water is splashing down making it that more challenging.
  2. River Trip
    Floating down the river with the current as your guide is super relaxing. The current doesn’t do all the work. Take control and maneuver your kayak, canoe, or raft down the stream.