Make Your Escape in Vegas at Bluegreen Club 36

Make Your Escape in Vegas at Bluegreen Club 36

If you’ve been on more than one Las Vegas vacation, you probably have the same standard expectations for accommodations as everyone else—and they’re pretty low. Loud, high-traffic hotel lobbies. Loud, high-traffic corridors. You’re on the Strip, but sometimes you need to duck away from the action for some downtime and you simply can’t. People are always coming and going, and sometimes you can still hear them even after locking yourself in your room.

Bluegreen Club 36™ takes all that down a notch. This vacation resort, a short and convenient shuttle bus ride from the Strip, offers a different experience. You’ll feel insulated, removed from 21st century Las Vegas in both space and time. The resort’s architecture and decor are inspired by the age of classic Parisian Art Deco. It takes you back to the Golden Age of Travel, a time when travel was reserved for the privileged.

Why Bluegreen Club 36?

One step into the lobby reveals lovely marble floors trickling with ambient light, fresh from the mouths of elegant, ultra modern lighting fixtures. An enormous compass rose inlay on the lobby floor immediately grabs your attention. Splashed with natural light from the skylight above, this compass rose is a sure sign that you’re in the right place.

Bluegreen Club 36 PoolAfter a quick check-in you’ll soon come face-to-face with the Golden Age of Travel. As you make your way to the elevator, photographs of aviation’s beginnings adorn the walls. Photos feature some of the world’s first airplanes and their stoic pilots, posing proudly without any idea that one day, their portrait would grace the walls of a Vegas resort. This aviation theme holds its course all the way to your villa.

Each of the resort’s  rooms features a sophisticated style consistent with that of the Parisian Art Deco era. Modern furniture reflects elegance in its simplicity and vibrant colors common to this era dance gracefully throughout each room. And every one- and two-bedroom villa comes with a full kitchen, an entertainment center and all the comforts of home.

The rest of the resort is just as special. If the Vegas Strip is too overwhelming, there’s plenty to do at the resort. You can visit the fitness center, arcade or onsite retail center. But to fully realize how special this resort is, head to the fourth floor. Home to the beautiful indoor heated pool, hot tub and observation deck, the fourth floor shows off a tremendous view of  Las Vegas, but sheltered from it by soundproof, wall-to-wall glass. If you get a rush from watching jetliners fly directly overhead,  you’re in a for treat. The resort is close enough to McCarran International Airport that you can walk out to the observation deck and enjoy takeoffs and landings.

For a larger-than-life experience, reserve one of the two Presidential Suites. Remember, this is Las Vegas, and everything here is bigger, better, flashier and more elegant. Open the door to this precious penthouse gem and set your sights on the bright lights of Vegas twinkling below. Any high-roller would be proud to call this home. At over 2,500 square feet, the Presidential Suite is grander than most homes and definitely holds its own against suites on the Strip that cost $10,000 a night.

Bluegreen Club 36 ViewIt features three monstrous bedrooms with full bathrooms, an enormous living room that looks out over the Strip and enough space to host your own Vegas-size party. Gather friends around the fully stocked bar or shoot pool on your private pool table. For a more subdued evening, congregate in the theater room (with theater seating) and enjoy your favorite movie on a big-screen Plasma TV with Surround Sound.

Bluegreen Club 36™ offers “true” vacation villas in Vegas with an escape from the frenzy of the Strip. So, when the flashing neon lights, crowds of frantic gamblers and relentless chiming of slot machines get to be too much, not to mention the unwanted sense of being able to get away, a stay in this resort assures a restful retreat.