Keys Fisheries Restaurant in Marathon

Keys Fisheries

What’s more exciting: the thought of freshly caught Florida lobster made into a mouth-watering Reuben sandwich … or eating next to Julia Roberts?

Keys Fisheries in Marathon The Hammocks at Marathon should make your must-eat-here list, with or without Julia. The Lobster Reuben that this low-key waterfront eatery is famous for is simply delicious. Many would call it “the best sandwich in the world.” A giant tote board counts the number sold each year—place an order and be part of the statistics.

Don’t miss the lobster Reuben at Keys Fisheries in Marathon, a restaurant frequented by celebrities.

The lobster here is as fresh as it gets, since Keys Fisheries is also a renowned local seafood market, brimming with mouth-watering delicacies like Florida stone crab. This fish market—unlike a boring online seafood market—is situated directly within the marina where commercial fishermen bring their catch. Keys Fisheries is the supplier to Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami, one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Florida. So when it comes to quality, you’re in good hands.
Casual picnic tables are where you’ll relax while you’re waiting for your order to be prepared. Those vending machines you see are part of what make Keys Fisheries unique, however. Have some quarters ready, because swimming back and forth in the water directly adjacent to the seawall are several huge tarpon, also known as the “silver kings” of the Gulf of Mexico. A quarter will buy you a handful of fish food and these tarpon have learned exactly what an outstretched hand means. Feeding them is nothing short of thrilling.
The view from the tables at Keys Fisheries is stellar, particularly at sunset. Sit facing the water and watch the sky change from blue to pink to orange to purple as another perfect Keys day comes to an end.

As for Julia Roberts, she might be there, in spirit, at least. Every order turned in to the kitchen is accompanied by a celebrity name. When you order, you can be James Bond, Angelina Jolie, Mary Poppins or Ernest Hemingway. It’s fun and hilarious to wait for your food and hear all the names being called out. The more creative you get in this department, the more you’ll entertain fellow patrons.

Keys Fisheries
3390 Gulfview Avenue
Marathon FL, 33050