Islander Watersports

Islander Watersports

Vacations to Miami and the Florida Keys can be relaxing, fun and adventurous. If you are searching for a way to explore lower Florida during your next vacation, take a look into chartering a boat or journey with Islander Watersports in Islamorada.

About Islander Watersports

Islander Watersports can be found at Mile Marker 82.1 on the Overseas Highway. It is conveniently found on the way to The Hammocks at Marathon resort, if you’re driving from the Miami International Airport. The company offers everything under the Florida sun when it comes to exploring and experiencing the clear blue waters surrounding the sandy beaches. Their motto best explains what they offer:

Here at Islander Watersports, we believe the best way to experience The Florida Keys is either on the water or in it…our goal is to make it memorable!

Here’s what Islander Watersports has to offer:

Snorkel Cruises

Islander-Watersports-SnorkelA 40-foot catamaran will take you through the crystal blue waters to an underwater adventure like no other. Snorkeling in the Keys is one of the best experiences you can have on a vacation to the area. There is so much to see below the waves, you’ll want to stay under forever.

Eco Tours

A 21-foot Hurricane Deck Boat will cruise you through the waves, mangroves and inlets as you scan the horizon for manatees, dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles. Eco tours are a relaxing and interesting way to spend an afternoon, as you expose yourself to the animals locals see on a regular basis but tourists often miss.


Sunset Sails

Any evening turns romantic aboard the Horizon Cat, Islamorada’s only Sailing Catamaran. Enjoy the soft pinks, purples and baby blues that take up the Florida skies at sunset.


Boats, sailboats, hobies and aqua cycles—all this can be yours with a visit to Islander Watersports. They don’t ask for your soul, just your driver’s license and signed consent forms.

If you’re new to the experience of sailing, and would like to learn the ropes (or lines, as they’re termed in sailor lingo), look into taking lessons offered by professionals at Islander Watersports. Even if you’re experienced, yet maybe a little rusty from the winter off, taking an hour-long lesson will be fun and helpful. You never want to get out there and lose control of your boat. Remember, tipping is only fun in a controlled environment. The Trade Winds aren’t exactly a controlled environment.

Whatever it is you decide to do during your journey to the Florida Keys, you’ll be pleased with the service provided by Islander Watersports.

Islander Watersports
82100 Overseas Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036