Have a Super Vacation with Marvel Universe in Vegas

Marvel Universe Live in Vegas

Looking for a vacation adventure of epic proportion? Then head to Las Vegas and watch the mightiest superheroes and the dangerously devious super villains take part in an epic battle over the Cosmic Cube—the most revered and feared treasure in the universe. It’s a classic clash between good and evil and it all unfolds at Marvel Universe LIVE! during a big city escape with your family.

Here’s the backstory: Mighty Thor has smashed the Cosmic Cube into tiny fragments to prevent it from being found by those who would use its powers to inflict harm and gain total domination. Unfortunately, parts of the destroyed Cube are now strewn across the globe, and Loki, Thor’s diabolical brother, wants them in order to clone its powers. If he succeeds, the results would be devastating, unleashing a threat that could potentially annihilate earth and eradicate the universe.

To vanquish Loki, Marvel’s greatest super heroes, including The Avengers, must join forces in a global quest to retrieve the pieces of the Cosmic Cube. Standing in their way will be villainous foes that choose to oppose them. These evildoers will stop at nothing, including working together, to be the first group to find all the fragments.

Will it be the superheroes or the super villains who piece together the Cube? Find out during your Las Vegas getaway.

The Cast of Marvel Heroes

Agent Maria Hill
This hero is the crafty deputy director for the government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. Her razor-sharp focus and astute talents keep her massive organization running smoothly.

Black Widow
Black WidowTop-tier spy Natasha Romanoff is one of the most respected agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. A master of espionage, her combat skills are second to none. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, Black Widow is the go-to person for black op missions.

Captain America
During World War II, American patriot Steve Rogers took part in a top-secret military biological experiment known as Operation: Rebirth. The young soldier was injected with a serum that gave him uncanny strength, tremendous endurance and intense reaction time. Armed with an indestructible vibranium shield, Captain America became the country’s Ultimate Weapon. While on a mission during the war, Cap was frozen in ice, leaving him in suspended animation until he thawed decades later. The icy slumber kept his youthful vitality in full vigor and today he continues to fight for freedom as a member of The Avengers.

Captain Marvel
Through a serendipitous meeting with an alien being, ace U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers received incredible powers. Deciding to use her new abilities to help benefit mankind, she works with the superhero community to battle the forces of evil as Captain Marvel.

Mutant Scott Summers uses kinetic force to project powerful beams from his eyes. He trained under the guidance of Professor Charles Xavier to use his gift to help both humans and mutants. He adopted the codename Cyclops to carry out his missions and now acts as the leader of the X-Men.


New Yorker Sam Wilson has always loved birds. But his affinity for heroic actions was hidden until a chance meeting with Captain America. As the Falcon, Wilson uses his ability to communicate with birds along with a set of intricate wings on a harness to soar into high-flying action.

Perfect accuracy, trick arrows, fast reflexes and quick wit are all part of Clint Barton’s arsenal. Though he doesn’t always follow the rules, Hawkeye’s precise marksmanship has earned him a respected spot as a member of the Avengers.

Cast of Marvel HeroesHulk
When slight of frame scientist Bruce Banner was belted by gamma rays, his DNA awakened the fearless adrenaline that had been hidden in his genes. When angered, he transforms into an incredible green creature known as the Hulk. As the strongest of all superheroes, he confronts and smashes the threats nobody could face alone.

Iron Man
When billionaire Tony Stark puts on his steel suit made of sophisticated armor, he becomes the world’s greatest fighting machine. Dedicated to high-tech campaigns, he wages war against evil and defends the defenseless at sonic speeds. Totally fearless and powered by a heart that is half machine, this armored avenger is the Invincible Iron Man.

Nick Fury
U.S. intelligence officer Colonel Nick Fury is smart, mean and seasoned. Serving as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., he has upheld his duties with honor as he helps protect the free world. Though older than dirt, Fury exudes youthful exuberance thanks to the mystifying Infinity Formula. When backed against the wall, Nick Fury always comes out fighting.

The bite from a radioactive spider left student Peter Parker with the ability to crawl up walls and spin webs. Harnessing his arachnid powers for good, The Amazing Spider-Man protects his city and catches thieves just like flies. He lives by the following motto: With great power, there must also come great responsibility.

Captain Marvel and StormWhen Ororo Munroe lived in Africa, she was considered a goddess because she could control the weather. Since this power was actually a genetic mutation, she was recruited by Charles Xavier and instructed how to use her powers to benefit others. She is a member of the X-Men and goes by the name of Storm.

The Mighty Thor is the son of Odin, and Nordic mythology foretells that he will inherit the throne of Asgard. Though he is the heir apparent, his quest for waging battle against evil is far greater than any royal ascension. He possess great strength, endurance and the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. Legend says that he is the master of thunder and lightning.

Logan (Wolverine) has a storied past. He is a trained Japanese samurai and former operative for the Canadian government known as Weapon X. He currently works for the X-Men, wielding his razor-sharp claws, rejuvenating healing powers and heightened animal senses to help fight for a world that misunderstands and fears mutants.

The Band of Marvel Villains

Black Cat
Infamous cat burglar Felicia Hardy is a highly trained martial artist and acrobat with a selfish desire for wealth. Black Cat is willing to rob, con, double cross and take advantage of anyone she comes in contact with.

These powerful and deadly extraterrestrials hail from another dimension. Chitauri travel in advanced alien vehicles armed with menacing weaponry and can call upon an endless supply soldiers determined to destroy anything that crosses their path.

The Band of Marvel VillainsDoc-Ock
Doctor Otto Octavius is devoted to blending the genius of man with the precision of machine. This research, along with the nano-controlled mechanical arms attached to his body, has pushed him to the edge of madness. Though extremely brilliant, his lust for mechanic enhancements causes him to steal any new technology available, often conducting engineering testing on unwilling subjects.

Master villain Max Dillon has the ability to control anything that uses electricity. After getting knocked into a newspaper building’s marguee, by Spider-Man, his powers become a supercharged nightmare.

Green Goblin
While trying to duplicate Spider-Man’s power, misguided industrialist Norman Osborn took part in an experiment that had dire consequences. The result of the failed tests changed him into the Green Goblin, a horrifying creature with untold powers. Additionally, all weapons manufactured at Oscorp are his for the taking.

Aldrich Killian is a brilliant scientist with a lust for power. Widely regarded as a technical wizard with astute business acumen, he used his influence to create Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.). This techno group of radicals will go to any lengths to ensure their twisted visions for the future come true.

When Dr. Curt Connors lost his arm, he injected himself with lizard DNA in hopes that his limb would be regenerated. Sadly, the experiment had catastrophic results. The herpetological cells altered Connors, changing him into a savagely strong humanlike lizard.

As the evil Asgardian ambassador, Loki has a pretty big agenda: Conquer Asgard, enslave Earth and destroy his stepbrother—The Mighty Thor. This mischievous bad guy has the ability to manipulate people into fighting his battles for him, though he often stays in the background, he should never be taken for granted in any one-on-one confrontation. As a shape shifter and master illusionist, he is a formidable foe.

Madame Hydra
When Ophelia Sarkissian was orphaned in Eastern Europe, she was cared for by the evil underground agency known as Hydra. For the next 20 years, she received extensive training, excelling at everything she did. This allowed her to rise quickly through the ranks of the shady organization where she was given the honored title of Madame Hydra. As one of the top players, she is totally committed to helping Hydra unleash tyranny against the world.

Red Skull
After taking a diluted version of the super soldier serum that gave Captain America unmatched abilities, Hydra mastermind Johan Schmidt received power and strength, but his face was badly disfigured. Known the world over as the Red Skull, Schmidt attempted to take over the world, but was foiled by Captain America. After World War II he went into hiding—until now. Possessing stolen Iron Man armor, the Red Skull is on a mission to destroy The Avengers.


When street thug for hire Aleksei Sytsevich was offered a large sum of cash to take part in a top-secret superhuman experiment he gladly accepted. The final results left him with massive strength, super speed and an extremely durable polymer suit permanently adhered to his skin. Flaunting his muscle, the criminal sells himself to the highest bidder. His sworn enemy is The Amazing Spider-Man.

Will good triumph over evil? You and your family can find out when the Marvel Universe Live! tour does battle April 23-26, 2015 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

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