Haunted Vegas Tour: Bright Lights, Spooky City

Haunted Vegas Tours

When you think of Las Vegas, you think of casino excitement, world-class resorts, top-notch entertainment…and ghosts? According to comedian and Vegas entertainer Robert Allen, who owns and operates The Haunted Vegas Tour, Las Vegas is one of the most haunted locations in America and the perfect attraction for a Halloween visit to Vegas!

The Haunted Vegas Tour

Allen consulted a paranormal historian, as well as the author of Haunted Nevada, to come up with his spooky tour destinations. The book claims there are 21 haunted spots in Las Vegas alone. On the tour, you’ll visit Vegas’ famed “motel of death” where several Vegas celebrities have met their end. Another stop is the home of a Vegas legend, where — despite repeated exorcisms — a regular haunting still occurs. The Haunted Vegas Tour itinerary includes locations related to many a celebrity, from Tupac Shakur (who died in Vegas) to Redd Foxx, and Elvis to Liberace.

Allen has amassed a collection of highly entertaining guides to reveal Sin City’s spookiest spots, including a popular magician, a second comedian like himself, and even a licensed mortician and embalmer.

One of the tour’s more colorful inclusions is the place where countless people have experienced evidence of Bugsy Siegel’s ghost. Siegel, one of America’s most famous mobsters, was the main driving force behind the development of Vegas. Apparently, he didn’t want to leave the city he put on the map.

The tour fills two and a half very exciting hours, and is open to anyone 13 or older, although kids under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult. Guests are encouraged to bring recording equipment and cameras, in case they might capture anything to be shared on the tour’s website.

Robert Allen Haunted Vegas ToursA highlight of the tour is an evening walk through a spooky public park. For many, this park is the highlight of the tour. Several tour-goers have experienced strange events and seen unexplained “orbs” of light in the park. Photos taken in the park can be seen online.

Several grisly murders took place in the park in the distant past. Since then, mysterious events have been experienced that indicate spirits are not at rest. Ghostlike images are known to appear to the human eye as well as on film, so the park would be the best place to attempt to record a “supernatural” event. Wear comfortable walking shoes for the park, and bring along a jacket in case your haunted tour gives you the chills! The tours start at 9:30p.m. nightly. For tickets, call 866.218.4935.