Handmade Alewine Pottery

Alewine Pottery

You’ve probably heard stories of tourists who buy vacation gifts of memorable sojourns only to turn them over to see ‘Made in China’ stickers. That’s great—if they’ve been vacationing in Shanghai. For other places however, you’re sure to prefer an authentic keepsake. And they don’t get more authentic than Robert Alewine and his Alewine Pottery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. When you think about the genuine article—a handmade vacation souvenir that’s as beautiful as it is practical—formed, decorated, glazed and fired right there in the studio, Alewine Pottery comes immediately to mind.

About Handmade Alewine Pottery

Located along the eight-mile loop trail of shops, studios and galleries that comprises the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community, Alewine Pottery, is a Gatlinburg institution. So is Robert Alewine, the master craftsman who hand-makes vacation souvenirs that are as beautiful as they are practical. They’re formed, decorated, glazed and fired right there in the studio. Alewine Pottery has been on the map since 1983 when Robert Alewine opened his studio in Gatlinburg. An art major in college, he admits that he fell in love with clay the first time he touched it. Now, some 30 years later, he still enjoys his art—and loves sharing the process with his customers and students.Handmade Alewine Pottery

Like other craftsmen who have perfected their arts in the Gatlinburg area, Alewine is a member of the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community—a coalition of independent artists who weave, make jewelry and dolls, paint, work in silver, leather, clay, fabric or stained glass. Touring the craft trail, an eight-mile loop road of shops and studios connects shoppers, collectors and admirers with an arts and crafts tradition that has flourished in these mountains since 1937. A craft trolley is available to take visitors along the craft trail past the more than 100 shops and studios along the route in search of handmade vacation souvenirs. Restaurants and cafes are sprinkled along the route as well.

The one-of-a-kind handmade pottery products you’ll find at the Alewine Pottery studio and store reflect the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Some carry a signature maple leaf design. All are colorful, beautiful and signed by the potter who created them. Bring home this pristine vacation souvenir.