Guide to Nantucket

Nantucket Boating

During your next vacation Dennis Port, Massachusetts, take a guide to Nantucket. Located 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Nantucket is a historical place, perfect to explore, bike, shop, and relax. There are a few ways to get to Nantucket, including a high speed ferry, the regular ferry, or a quick flight. And once you get there, you will find plenty to see and do.

Ways to Get to Nantucket

One way to get to Nantucket is through the Steamship Authority, at the South Street Dock in Hyannis. Located only 10 miles or 20 minutes from The Soundings Seaside Resort, their regular ferry service gets you to Nantucket in around two hours.

Also in Hyannis at the Ocean Street Dock, Hy-Line Cruises offers high-speed service within one hour and seasonal traditional ferry service, which takes under two hours to Nantucket.

Nantucket LighthouseFreedom Cruise Line located at Route 28 at Saquatucket Harbor in Harwich Port is located 10 minutes or three miles from Dennis Port. They have a seasonal high-speed ferry to bring passengers, pets, and bikes over to Nantucket, with free parking for those taking day trips. In just one hour, all the fun Nantucket has to offer awaits you.

The quickest way to get to Nantucket is to drive 20 minutes to the Nantucket Memorial Airport and hop on a plane out of Hyannis. The flights take just 15 minutes, with a few different airlines to choose from. Many of the companies have flights departing every hour, all day long, so getting between Hyannis and Nantucket will be an easy feat.

Prices vary depending on which airline you choose.  They also have specials for same day tickets when you purchase round trip excursion. Make sure to find out if any specials are available on your trip through any of the other companies noted above as well, for ferry services or airlines, since special offers may be available.

Nantucket FamilyOnce in Nantucket

Then once you get to Nantucket, rent bikes and explore, shop, and dine out. There are also picturesque beaches, art galleries to stroll through, or attractions like the Whaling Museum or Cisco Brewery. Whale watching expeditions or fishing trips are also a great way to spend your time. With all the options for getting to Nantucket and all the things to do once you are there, your visit to Nantucket is sure to be a success.