Free Things to Do in Charleston

Charleston freebies

Planning a vacation to Charleston, South Carolina can be tough, thanks to the multitude of things to see and do in the city. This port city is filled to the brim with history, flowing over with sights and splashing culture onto all who walk its streets. Whether you live in Charleston or are simply visiting, this city will have an affect on you before you leave. There is so much to see and do; it could take years of vacations to see it all. That is why we have provided you with a few slower-paced and free activities in Charleston, in case you want to hold your horses for an afternoon.

Free Things to Do in Charleston

Go to the park: The Charleston Waterfront Park was named “this generation’s gift to the future” by Mayor Joe Riley. It’s popular for locals, tourists and those planning weddings. Many a bride has walked down the tree-lined paths to the center gazebo. Look for dolphins, take pictures of the old cannons and pack a lunch for a picnic under the shade.

Rainbow Row BuildingTake Rainbow Row to the park: This unique stretch of road is filled with, you guessed it, rainbow colored homes built in the 1700s. Once the center of Charleston’s commercial and retail district, the homes have since been renovated and restored to serve as a historical site. Pictures of this strip of road can be seen everywhere, from little shops in the Market. But why not take a walk from your resort room at The Lodge Alley Inn, take your own pictures of Rainbow Row and pass on the souvenir purchase.

Fort MoultrieGo Play in the Fort: As Charleston is an old city, there’s a ton of historical sites for you to see. Cross the bridge from Charleston to Sullivan’s Island and head to the Fort Moultrie. At the park’s headquarters, you will be able to tour the restored fort and see the location of the first American victory over the British Navy.

If you began your search for things to do in Charleston during your vacation at The Lodge Alley Inn and these destinations aren’t on there, try and schedule them in. They are easy, free and relaxing ways to enjoy your time in the city. Touring Rainbow Row and the Waterfront Park can be done on your way to one of the many Charleston exhibits or attractions you were already planning on checking out.