International Dining in Orlando: Asian and African Cuisine

Orlando attracts visitors from all over the globe, and the area’s dining choices reflect this international diversity. For travelers, the world’s great cuisines are yours to enjoy during your stay.

Here are a few favorite local culinary Asian, East Asian and African dining destinations.


East Asian Orlando Dining

Imperial Dynasty has been named several times as one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the country by industry publication Chinese Restaurant News. The Longwood eatery also serves Japanese sushi and hibachi grill selections. Orlando’s Chuan Lu Garden specializes in Sichuan cuisine, a hotter and bolder iteration of Chinese cooking. For dim sum, small-plates fare that originated in China’s teahouses, Lam’s Garden is a local favorite, with dumplings, noodle dishes and other specialties.

Speaking of sushi, Seito Sushi & New Japanese’s two locations serve sushi, sashimi, ramen and more, plus a few Vietnamese and Korean dishes. For pho, the Vietnamese broth, noodles and meat (or seafood) favorite, Pho 88 and House Of Pho offer a wide variety of the increasingly popular fare, as well as other Vietnamese and pan-Asian dishes.


S.E.A (South East Asia) Restaurant specializes in Thai cuisine, with delicate and spicy noodles, rice, curries and soup. Korean BBQ and other dishes are growing in popularity and Orlando’s Korea House has been serving that country’s delicious native bulgogi, kalbi, bibimbap and Korean pancake since 1982.

Can’t decide which cuisine you favor? There’s a difference of opinion among family members? How about an Asian-fusion gastropub? Baoery presents an abundance of large and small Asian-inspired plates, salads and libations. They (and all of the other establishments mentioned here) gladly accommodate special requests, and each offers delectable vegetarian options on their menus.


South Asian & Middle Eastern Orlando Dining

For traditional Indian cooking, Saffron Indian Cuisine fits the bill. Classics like mulligatawny soup, lamb vindaloo, chicken tikka masala and palak paneer are served daily, with a Champagne brunch on weekends. Ahmed Restaurant is a halal establishment serving northern Indian and Pakistani specialties, and features a daily buffet. Kosher Grill serves Glatt Kosher Israeli and Middle Eastern food — hummus, falafel, baba ganoush etc. — along with American delicatessen favorites like pastrami, hot dogs, burgers, salads and more.

For Moroccan cuisine, Merquez Restaurant is the real deal. Tagines, kabobs, salads and other specialties are served. Lebanese food is another middle-eastern favorite, and everything Paramount Fine Food serves is made in house with authentic seasonings. Its manakeesh, (flatbread topped with thyme, cheese or ground meat) is flavorful and savory. Salads and sandwiches are substantial, and desserts are equally unique and delightful.

African Orlando Dining

No single cuisine can encompass an entire continent, but African Soul Market does its best to present as many aspects as possible. Flavors Nigerian Restaurant specializes in its namesake country’s food. They serve wonderful individual meals, soups, stews and entrees, and also handle catering for families and groups.


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