Orlando Travel Hacks

Orlando Travel Hacks

Tips and tricks to make your Orlando Vacation that much better!

Everyone loves a good life hack, whether it’s a productivity trick, shortcut or uncommon solution to a problem! Simply put, they provide little ways to make our lives easier. And I’ve gathered a few Orlando travel hacks of my own that could prove useful on your next family vacation.


  • Orlando Entertainment Book

This book is a good source of savings on meals, as well as deals on attractions and other travel expenses. Each book provides up to $10,000 worth of savings by using hundreds of specials and discounts, including 2-for-1 and 50% off coupons! Check out their website to take advantage of these savings.

  • “Kids Eat Free” Card

The Orlando “Kids Eat Free” card offers free meals for children at over 40 restaurants, including Sizzler Restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, Tony Romas, Big Italy, Fusion Bistro Sushi and more! Check out their website and restaurant listings for more details.

  • Lunchtime Meals

If you are dining out, consider making lunch your big meal of the day. Restaurants often provide lunchtime specials and the meal prices are often considerably lower than those at dinner.

  • Dining Plan at Theme Parks

Look on each Theme Park’s website for more information on this package component. Families can easily save up to 40% off on the total cost of meals by using this plan. You can also carry a backpack loaded with snacks and drinks when you go to the parks, which can be super convenient and easy on the pockets.


Orlando Theme Parks

  • The Disney Shopping Bag

Simply ask for a bag at any of the shops and they’ll hand one over, without you even purchasing anything. And the shopping bag itself can be extremely useful during your journey through the park. Use it to keep things dry on water rides or in the case of a sudden downpour. Stuff a shirt or sweatshirt inside the bag and use it as a seat cushion. Or even make holes in the bottom and sides to create a child-sized poncho.

  • Staying Hydrated

You may be aware of the frozen water bottle trick, but until that ice melts, you don’t have anything to drink. Fortunately, there is an even better way to use this helpful hack. Fill the bottle up, but not all the way, and then lay it on its side in the freezer over night. In the morning, you’ll be able to pour more water into the free space in the bottle, which will reach from the bottom to the top, providing instantly cold water that will last for hours.

  • Wedding Invite

For Disney lovers, if you send Mickey and Minnie an invite to your wedding, they’ll mail you back a signed photo and a “Just married” button. The address is:

Mickey & Minnie The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA91521

  • Freebies

Kennedy Space ShuttleThe Kennedy Space Center in greater Orlando provides free parking and complimentary kennels on site for your furry friends. Disney and Universal theme parks include free concerts, shows and demonstrations with most entertainment package options. And Epcot offers free soft drinks with Coca-Cola formulas from different countries at a display in the Innovations Pavilion.


  • I-RIDE Trolley

A single fare is $1 and package deals are available for those expecting heavy usage. The I-RIDE Trolley runs daily from 8:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. and serves hundreds of destinations within the International Drive Resort Area.


For visitors to downtown Orlando, a free circulating bus called LYMMO provides rides along a 3-mile loop in the downtown area. Service is provided every five minutes during office hours and every ten minutes in the evenings. See their website for daily schedules.

  • Taxis

You can absolutely negotiate flat rate fares with cabbies late at night, as long as you come to an agreement before they start the meter.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex